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In the pack includes:
– Trucks: ZIL-4520, ZIL-45065, ZIL-541 760, ZIL-130 (modular), ZIL-130 (truck), ZIL-133GYA, ZiL- 130 Amur (modular), ZIL-130 Amur (truck), Zil-131. Speed: 90 km / h. Tow hitch, mirrors, animation mudguards, lights dashboard. Lighting, road tracks, wheel dust.

Modules: Fuel platform (2500l), lactic platform (water / milk, 3600l), on-board platform (std. Culture + fodder corn, forage, silage, sunflower, sand, grass, hay, manure, 6000l), on-board platform with supers (feed corn, silage, fodder, grass, hay, straw, 11000l) service platform (seeds, fertilizers), bread van (1000L), a grocery wagon (sunflower oil, flour, meat, sausage, whiskey, beer, candy, hops, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, pears, mushrooms, eggplant, cherries, plums, sugar, grapes, oranges, yogurt, 2000l), trailers for the transport of water and fish (3600l) tank for surface application of liquid manure (3500l, 8m.).

Also included uniaxial dolly to install modules. All trucks are presented in the pack can be used as modules and with semitrailers. Provided Fahrer.

Credits: Du-Mont, Kovsh, Silak_68, werik, Garmash, Dronklim & kto-totutzdes


ZIL_Pak_fs2015_test_version (file size = 51 MB)

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