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Zeeland V 1.0

Zeeland V 1.0

Uploaded by Garrros

What is present:
Big fields
2 islands
sell points

Download the mod package Extra_mods_Zeelan

Credits: Mike-Modding


Zeeland (file size = 658 MB)


  1. Danny says:

    Is there anything we will need to run this mod ? Can you elaborate on the map details any ? What all does it include aside from the one word descriptions you gave us ?

  2. Eviltidi says:

    There are no vehicles !!!
    Additional fruit are not in seeder (error to many filltypes in log)
    Where is jumbo, jumbo markt and landhandel.
    We could use the Kastor oiltrailer for oilproducts but please say so in the description.
    Do we need multifruitmod?
    You own all the fields already.
    Hmmmm….a bit more info would be nice.

    • Eviltidi says:

      Oh and the pda map show thing on a different place then on the map.
      And reset to farm takes you to the brewery. WTF !!
      And where do you sell beer and bread?

  3. Eviltidi says:

    And now there’s an extra modpack that wasn’t there before that takes the confusion to a new level.
    We can plant fruittrees now but still no oiltrailer and still basic fruits in seeder.
    Is it me or…..

  4. MIke says:

    Cannot recommend this map to anyone. Layout makes game play both time consuming and tedious. For example, the equipment sales location is in the far corner of the map. Fences and water obstacles means it takes a lot of time just to get your equipment back to your farm. And did I mention there is NO equipment with this map. So you have to use the cheat mod to get started. Maybe the next version will be better, but I’m deleting this one.

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