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Uploaded by Force4Life

Version 1.2
– Alle Objekte mit Rampen, Treppen und Fundamente erweitert
– 3 neue Objekte hinzugefügt (Höhere Variante)
– Eigene Shopkategorie

Now the wood processing Pack 1 also comes as placeable objects.
Important !: You must place the enclosed sawmill! That of Marhu is not compatible with the other systems.

In Pack 3 systems:
– Sawmill: Production of wooden pallets, a by-product is wood chips. For the production of wood and other fuels is needed (wood chips, straw or wool pallets)
– Wood crown Movement: From the wooden pallets wooden apex produced on pallets. as Nebenproukt also produced wood chips
– Charcoal Factory: From the wooden pallets apex Holtz coal is produced. In addition water is needed as a cooling for the system.

Thanks go to Marhu!

Credits: Marhu


Holzweiterverarbeitung_placeable (file size = 45 MB)


  1. Synovec Farms says:

    Why is there two of each item in the purchase window? Shouldn’t there be only one? Just thought it would be something I would point out.

    • George Mullin says:

      i think the mod author did that purposely. why im not sure. just think its something he intended to do.

      • Wolf67 says:

        He explained it on Marhu’s site as one for flat land, and one for uneven land, so two of each.
        If you place them on flat land you will notice one is almost at ground level, the other sits about two feet higher.

        • Wolf67 says:

          Just FYI, but the sell trigger for this, The wood processing Pack2 and the Milk max all work for all three mods, so no need to place all three unless you want to.

  2. Synovec Farms says:

    Alright thanks. 🙂

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