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Wilhelms Talkessel V 1.0 GMK Und Soilmod

Wilhelms Talkessel V 1.0 GMK Und Soilmod

Wilhelms cirque
…. in the Prussian valley ….


For a long time the future of agriculture in the Prussian Valley was uncertain, but then you came.
The courtyard of the old Hermann you in several weeks of work and a few thousand Euros, you
previously won on Wheel of Fortune have, prepared again. The old Siloplatte got new walls,
the grain silos were purified and screened the old grain. The rest of your capital you have in
the fleet put. Here and there a little used, but Drescher … who had newly.
And now it’s up to you! Your 10 hectares of farmland and all green areas are waiting for you.
.. Good luck to acquire your previously invested capital back


The map has 10 arable land which total 9,65ha. In addition there are 11 fields, which can be wrapped as needed.
Separated by a stream, the valley divides into two halves, on the one hand, the Court of the old Hermann, which offers opportunities for milk and meat production.
On the other half can be found the village, the farm equipment dealers, grain dealers, the biomass power plant, the butcher and the Nordzucker factory.
Were installed in the Map of GMK-Mod, the Soilmod who ChoppedStraw-Mod, the Watermod and cattle fattening (Hof).
Alternatively, you can for decoration still keep sheep, chickens were not installed.
The milk is automatically retrieved.

Required Mods

-optional Soilmod or GMK Mod

Viehanhänger choice

Recommended Mods

-Bale Extension

Credits: metalger1, Manuel, Raptor5, Modding-Welt, El_Cid, Fendtfan1, Marhu, Cebuljek, luxfarm_ls, Fatian


Wilhelms_Talkessel_v1_GMK (file size = 411 MB)

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