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Westbridge Hills Overhault 2015 V 1.0

Westbridge Hills Overhault 2015 V 1.0

Westbridge Hills Overhault 2015 V1

Most are the Westbridge Hills Map already know from the Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013. I tried necessary to ensure that the map does not lose its flavor.
Players who already know the map, should feel immediately at home. A few things have changed, of course, or have been added.
The map has all the standard features, like the Bjorn Holm map.
I want to ask you this description to thoroughly read. Most questions are answered there.
An internal test of BauerLundeman I hope that as many bugs as possible were found and fixed.
A big thank you goes to Mahru’s Forum Without their help, the whole thing would have never worked out that way.

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What has been done:
There are now meht place in the yard 1. The mast systems are somewhat removed from the yard by elmaligen drive-in theater.
A composting is also part of the yard. The 2 yard at the cattle now offers more space for the vehicles, and has also received a feed store and two new silos.
In the sheep now a wool and manure storage is installed.
A slurry and manure sale is also installed. The mast system itself must be cleaned out, the required storage are also installed on the mast.
But look yourself.
Many things are as you know it, but a lot different.


Pigs and cattle fattening installed (drive-in)
Metzger installed, buys beef and pork
Two built by mobile shelters
Installed Seedmaster2K15 and matching stock
Nozzle installed in the milk / water trailer of Marhu (milking the cow shed, dairy milk purchase water at the fountain in the courtyard and stables) milk we sold 00:00
Integrated digital displays
Petrol pump and job board on the farm
Manure / dung Purchase installed (in the nursery)
Exchanged soil texture of the fields
BGA scored a ramp and can be filled with hangers, added shelter
Composting installed (for cattle fattening)
Installed for collecting eggs
Fitted ball bearing
Watermod installed
Installed feed store with conveyor belts
WoolpaletteCollector installed
Built manure storage
There are two outdoor silos, 1 1 corn grass (the dealer)

Fields partly changed, etc. some building.

Required Mods:

Zunhammer milk / water trailer (Marhu)
GülleMistKalk Mod
Transport of manure to the manure storage
Transport of Sandgut (SeedMaster)
Fahrsiloextension (outdoor silos)
Sowing Machines Pack 1 & 2
Placeable MilktruckTrigger (
StopMilkSale (

Credits: Maiky


Westbridge_Hills_Overhault_2015_V1 (file size = 339 MB)

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