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V2.4 Change Log:
1. Rebuilt manure selling point (now between the cows and the area of ​​the biogas plant).
2. Rebuilt fertilizer selling point (now between the cows and the area of ​​the biogas plant).

V2.3 Change Log:
1. Added manure selling point (located at the biogas plant).
2. Added fertilizer selling point (located at the biogas plant).

V2.2 Change Log:
1. Fixed bug with PDA_Beep.wav sound.
2. trigger Posted sawmill so that they no longer manually logged Relieve. Simply drive their followers over the trigger area.

V2.1 Change Log:
1. Correct the problem with the Mixing Station particle system.

Display the pictures for a visual understanding of what has been moved and where the placement of the 3 mods, including areas already open.

This is an edited version of Westbridge hills a few things around, opened a couple of areas. Has a few mods and installed them on Giants Editor as:
Mixing Station V3.0.0
By Marhu.

Balestorage V1.2
By HenkieNL

Westbridge Storage Addon
By skjatala

The mixing station is located next to the cows shelter.
Your 8 bale storage areas lined up by the cow milking station.
The storage addon is where it is enabled by default.
Again, these 3 mods are already in the map and are not required!

Including Mods with V2.3 & V2.4 (optional)
Kotte Universal V1.52
By Andy1978

Krampe 900 S V1.0
By McKnight

These mods are optional and are not for use this card mod, but to sell, slurry and manure need modded trailer to transport links Slurry / unloading manure. Again no such mods are needed, but they will not be able to sell, litter or manure.

Credits: McKnight, Marhu, HenkieNL, skjatala


UNZIP_Westbridge_Hills_V2.4K (file size = 222 MB)

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