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Waterworks UPK V 0.9 [Placeable]

Waterworks UPK V 0.9 Placeable

It must be mounted with the Giants Editor. You can see the buildings and objects provided that all move around (TG-building), then please make sure that the trigger and movers also be set correctly. For Mapper but I think this should not be a problem.
We can supply the waterworks with manure and then it produces water and manure.
It produces the water without a supply of manure, but very little.
Oh, one little drawback there is still. The deliver the manure costs 0.10 per liter, we just call it “disposal costs.”
But unfortunately Well, the water is not wasted. Also costs 0.10 per liter.

But HEY, the manure is FREE. The prices are on stage “simple”. In the other game levels, the cost be reduced accordingly.
Ah, how much is produced? 200l water produced per hour, when manure is supplied come again 2000l per hour to do so. But the production is subject to fluctuation.
Short times combined, if someone wants to know:
4 liter slurry = 1 liter of water + 2,5Liter (or whatever) crap. The others were buried 0.5 in production.
I have now tested the water while working already for days, but the bug is so often in detail. For me it worked just fine, there was only a warning in the log, what with me but so far had no effect on anything. Since I currently still have a bit in the dark groping as I turn off the warning message. Get this version of the beta status.

Credits: Pucksta, PMP, mor2000, Giants


Wasserwerk_UPK_placeable_V0.9 (file size = 8 MB)

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