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The map itself is “in principle” as the two original maps (without extensions and additional fruits!) Without additional mods Playable exactly.
However, in this, although quite unlikely, event “Some” built “objects” only “decoration” and some additional “oä functions.” Unusable, and there are some “Warning” and “Error” messages.

It is a “normal” large card with 13 fields of which you are one of 5 game start.
More fields to purchase is possible, and as in the original – cards to handle.
There is no “field – driveways” and trenches so the man can almost always driving on a field if you want to.
The card is, in my opinion, quite clearly designed and the grounds corresponds to the “flatlands” in my area (very flat, and with me sieht’s quite different ;-)).
The main focus of the card is in the grain production.
Due to the intended “fields – form” the map is not really friendly helper, no matter what be used as (A “Pre-walls” will be required, or a chain saw, or self-drive).
Forestry can of course also operate. However, it is so that I do not put on too much “value” have because there is a plethora of placeable mods for it and each of the interest has its forest so figures can as he wants, areas for Placeable mods should be found as well leave.
There are also areas on the map, one of the larger pieces is approximately 6 hectares, where trees are planted “should”, but it could also make 😉 (Free) arable land, if you will.
The roads are of Allee – trees Edged (meaning most of the machines would have “inside control” when there is sailing). If that bother: There are chainsaws 😉 and other cards.
It is also the “Animal” on the map, I hope, come not too short.
There are in addition to chickens, sheep and cows, the pigs are available, including cattle trade (this is the pig where “young” drive / buy can / must), and the broiler.
In the BGA can almost all fruits, incl. Their straw, “ensiling”.
Nobody needs there “wheat silage” just because you can.
There is also the possibility of the “bunker” of the plant with a trailer filled.
Installation: (Example for Win7, Vista and Win at 8.1 It is similar to handle.)
It must be 1.3 Installs Patsch.
The folder “mods” in your directory
Documents / My Games / FarmingSimulator2015 / mods
Sensible “rename” (in eg .: “modsA” or “modsB” or “modsXYZ” OAE.)
The downloaded zip file and open the folder “mods”, “copy” and in
Documents / My Games / FarmingSimulator2015

If this installation instructions have been designed now would be in your mods folder
Documents / My Games / FarmingSimulator2015 / mods
5 Zip files are the basic equipment of the map showing.
Now all “Usable mods” can in these “mods folder” to add that I recommend, and you like to wish to use. The “favorite mods” (Placeable objects and machines and scripts) is then !!! on the “compatibility” to Be.

Usable mods:
I spend here with no intention to link because I think that this card have loaded up the vast majority of the respective mods already have, and you do not have everything umpteen times down load. And the fact that everything in your own mods – folder should Needless to say I probably extra. I am assuming that everyone so Handles, so you have fewer problems if errors should occur.
Detailed information about the mods can each read with the mods themselves, usually where you have down-loaded him.

Somebody should one or the other mod did not go I assume that he has a good friend? G …..
Here’s a list of mods that you can enter in with the mods folder if you want. For these mods the map is prepared, and these were installed there.
AnimationMapTrigger? Opens Doors
ZZZ_ChoppedStraw? Ensures that the appropriate “leftovers” are visible when the MD “Strohhäckseln”.
Multifruit v 3.0? Adds the original – new vehicles Plan and “Loadable fruits” to the extent that they are built into the map ..
The enclosed “ZZZ_multiFruitModul_Standart” must in the mods folder.
GülleMistMod? This mod makes sure that you can also sprinkle lime, if you want, also with a standard – Düngestreuer. Furthermore, another “fertilized” – represented texture for slurry and manure.

CompostMaster_Transportmulde? Is, is to empty the compost – Bunker’s.
ZZZ_compostSoil? Helps turn the compost – mod works.
KuhnSPVConfort12_B_UR? see “Note on the enclosed Mod’s”
ZZZ_complexBGA? Expands the functions of the biogas plant
And a trailer to transport the animals, but only if you want to do as well as what (does not lie in!).

I myself use addition to those listed yet:
Multi Overlay
Real Time
ZZZ_greenFertilizer (v2.1)
and about 20 other mods (“machinery and equipment”), when these had on the standard card error free ran then I with “This mods” also never had problems on my card.

“Usable mods” and their functions:
(* /)? This character combination Does this mean I’m going in the description of it from which all “usable mods” are also in the mods folder !!!
nsonsten Does the card as with the “original” card but with a different terrain, and there are some warning messages in the log because “The Game” the correspondingly associated mods which were Installed, addiction and not Findet.Aber the card can be Play.
(* /) There are also oats, rye, triticale and spelled as grains available, incl. Storage and sale, as well as the use of straw.
(* /) The “Mischration’s preparation” with the KuhnSPVConfort12_B_UR there
“Extras” noted see: “clue to the enclosed mods”.
(* /) It is also a suitable means of transport required for the animals, which is not supplied.

If you have a suitable means of transport so you can also purchase “pups” in the “cattle market” and transporting (why, why, why can everyone even at p25107

(* /) On the map there is the possibility of (almost) all products “compost” to gain what you can at the nursery or directly behind the plant sale, or you sprinkle the compost with the manure spreader from.

(The compost mod is animated very nice and it’s fun, but … he’s Unrealistisch.Ich have him because he built an acceptable substitute for the nonexistent “missions” is for me, especially at the beginning of a new game and if times the money is running out.)
Clue to the included mods:

The enclosed mod “Kuhn SPV Confort 12_B_UR” is only an “Advanced” version of the original. It can also be chopped for the preparation of the mixed ration use. He can this mixed ration in the feed stores unloading, so that you then also OTHERWISE USING can do it, for example. Straw spreading.
It may obtain the mixed ration but NOT resume to you to feed, it can be provided that the Multifruit v 3.0 mod is in the mods folder, for example. Take the wheel loader with shovel? However, the Particle System to unload here knows 🙁 (as 19:06:15)
Why I give this anyway to mod though he does not work correctly answer:
Each reading can can also decide whether they want to or nicht.Vor and disadvantages must always weigh yourself him benefits.
The two zip files (CompostMaster_Transportmulde and ZZZ_compostSoil) for the compost mod may be Settled with loud Andy1978.

Credits: Fritz55 (Elchland, first version, and its release. As only “Obstructed mods” in the Elchland been listed here you should not go unmentioned.
– WasserMod of Marhu, AnimationmapTrigger of Xseno)
Gan28k (feed stock)
webalizer (ChoppedStraw)
Wild fox (garaging hall, as well as in built “Animation Map Trigger”
from Vertex Dezign Team)
“The Englishman” (unfortunately I still can not understand who is the shelter for the sheep in LS13 actually built, though the builder Thank he goes for LS15.)
upsidedown (Multifruit and everything that goes with it!)
TMT – Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan (slurry manure-lime-Mod)
Gene Borg (manure and slurry texture for GMK mod)
Jack executor (pasture gates)
Steinklopfer (BGA UmbauLS 2015 – Beta)
Marhu (4.0.0 pig and cattle market and a few more scripts that are installed in other “mods” / was / were.)
Andy1978 (Compost – mod)
stubi69 (signpost)


Bitte_Offnen (file size = 498 MB)

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