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Meet the legendary Russian map in a new guise Varvarovka Hard Work.
Map was made specifically for the hardcore server 24/7
Map bought 25 fields of different sizes, to start some of the field should be plowed.
You will have to construct five major facilities: Concrete plant, BHA, meat bakery, and a factory for the production of oil.

Culture standard + oats, rye, alfalfa and sunflower.
Pets standard + pigs, calves, broilers, rabbits and fish farm.
There mill for flour production.
Sale of sand and gravel.
Sawmill for the production of boards (needed for construction, the same can be sold)
Production of concrete slabs (needed for construction, so you can sell)
Cement production (needed for construction) Purchase of various fertilizers.
Selling silage map with SoilMod, for those wishing to play without him remove soilmanegment.

Credits: Dmitry Polyakov, Andrey Hard


Varvarovka_Hard_Work (file size = 750 MB)


  1. George Mullin says:

    Hello, this is my first map im ever playing on that has the meat bakery and a factory for oil. i understand we need to construct the BGA, and other things on this map. however with that being said when i go to the yellow box off area with the white arrows facing it, i dont get any type of hud that allows me to see what is needed to build it. Same with the little concrete area with a unfinished house. how do i know how much i need etc etc, BGA is the same way. idk what i need to construct it, can anyone give me some tips or? im thinking of just trying water for now to see if i can get any type of fill level hud.

    • George Mullin says:

      Also where do we make the Rabbit Pellets at? i cant seem to find that area either. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. George Mullin says:

    Guess no one knows?? Will this map ever be updated as i think there are alot of things missing from this map.

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