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Welcome to Valley East USA based on areas of the golden state from farming the land and dairy cows, chickens and sheep to fotestry with beautiful landscapes. Have fun!

Credits: S-B Independent Modding


ValleyEastUSA (file size = 262 MB)


  1. @ntonio says:

    Very well made map. Thanks.

  2. mike says:

    Love the map. Only found two issues. 1 bga has collision issues and fill issues I.e chaff fills past the end of the bunk. 2 above field 11 is a herd of floating cows lol. They are just hovering there about 20ft or so up in the air. Lmfao. Otherwise thanks for a very nice map. possibly the best I have found texture wise. My only other suggestion would be to add traffic and pedestrians.

  3. Joefarmer says:

    It’s sounds like a bad download. Because I don’t have that problem

  4. Eviltidi says:

    I have the collision problem too. Just before the Fliegl bins at the bga there’s an invisible wall but the trigger works so you can dump your silage anyway.
    And the AI helper seems to go in any direction instead of north east west south.
    The map looks very nice.

  5. Joefarmer says:

    I’ve notice that on a lot of modded maps. But if you make sure u set the AI is right it is fine also auto combine helps. I notice to with some modded tractors that some seem to easyer then others to go straighter then others. As far as the BGA goes it the coltion was pushed out were you dump easy fix with Giants editer. But from my understanding. If the map does well there is going to be a 2.0 with beef and pigs. Water mod and added crops and the buildings and bins are going to be more U.S. Style.

  6. Exeria says:

    This is a great map. Just like the farm here at home! This map is based off of the area that i farm so i have a great deal of appriciation for it. There is only one issue i have found. When using courseplay the tractors wont auto fill when i set up a course for it to sell at a point. Its probably just a trigger point that courseplay doesnt recongnize. Otherwise its amazing. Thank you and let me know if there is a solution you know of.

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