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Two Worlds Final Version


Uploaded by joa

Added new Mods OLIVE and OliveOil new textures Acre and Ground and more have fun.
WARNING The Mods in the game doesn’t work if you have the UniversalProcessKit in the mods folder

if you don’t want lose your Savegame(Two Worlds V2) i’ts very easy
1- Go to your Savegame folder and copy the “”careerSavegame”” and “”vehicles”” to your Desktop
2- Start a new Carreer whit (TWO WORLDS FINAL) the same difficulty save and quit the game
3- Go to your Desktop and copy the “CareerSavegame” and “”vehicles”” and replace the existing files in the Savegame Folder and it’s done

Credits: Joa Giants and the others for the objects and Scripts


Two_Worlds (file size = 546 MB)


  1. Gnurgle says:

    If you are going post a map like this with a long list of mods that are used as starting vehicles you MUST provide a list, or even better would be links to, of the mods required. Or setup the map to start with stock in game equipment.

    And we can do without Rambow’s tracked mods, they are mediocre at best.

  2. Gnurgle says:

    If you are going to put out a map using mods as starting equipment you need to provide links with the map. Having to search through an xml to find out what is missing is not acceptable.

    You can also leave out the mediocre mods made by a certain person that is only known for putting tracks on stuff.

  3. Rambow145 says:

    Keep knocking ppl kid, I will tell a story in one of my next youtube videos about others being mean and what happen to this one guy that was mean to me And all I was nice to him. It was bad Let me tell you And I didn’t or no one else did a thing to him but What happened was crazy un real. and your going to be mad I am about to put up 20 mods. And kids can take my name off them now and upload it, it will not matter any more. 😀 Oh I was asked to put tracks on stuff I get asked to do stuff and I try to do it and the big modders are to stuck on them selfs to help make stuff.

  4. kris says:

    I liked this map..but i liked UPK better..its too bad i was falling in love.

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