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Top3 Hunters – February’s $100 Prize

Happy Farming dear friends! decided to reward the most helpful modders each and every month with $100, those people who make ls15 mods and upload ls15 mods to our network via add modification portal.

You already know since Dec 2014, mike j won that month, January $100 prize won by Joa and here we are on February month and less than 10 days till another winner will be rewarded with $100 prize.

Top3 Hunters for February’s $100 Prize

#1 – EpicPrydaMods

#2 – Rambow

#3 – Joa

These are Top3 most helpful modders, the order is aleatory and there’s no guarantee EpicPrydaMods will win the $100 for February, however is very possible if he may upload even more ls15 mods to our network and that person who upload the most ls15 mods will be the winner.

My administrator may take into consideration the work involved in creating the submitted mods and the winner is chosen by him only since he is the owner of the entire network. Good luck gentlemen!

And remember the winner will be chosen on Feb 28, 2015, prize will be sent to the winner via Western Union as soon as possible, we pay as wel fees so you enjoy $100, not less and not more, all information required to initiate transfer will be needed, will inform the winner that day.

Thank you so much for being a part of #1 LS15 Mods Network – with over 4000+ mods!

Kind regards,



  1. EpicPrydaMods says:

    Yeeeee 🙂

  2. Hein says:

    Now seriously, how can somebody “win” the 1st price if they just steal mods and maps from other sites and just upload them here?
    First the Idaho Map, then the Chicken Mod which was a) taken from and uploaded here without consent (original site states clearly that permission is NOT given to upload the chicken farm anywhere else), b) the credits are not Marhu but Bauer_Andy. And i guess all the other mods were nicked somewhere else too.

    • says:


      Stolen mods are not taken into consideration when choosing the winner however modifications and editions, conversions and small error fixed to any mods for ls15 are eligible and the author can win the monthly $100 with these mods if they submit them to our network.

      Kind regards,

      • says:


        Mods that are not made by the uploader are not taken into consideration when giving the $100 prize. Also it seems there’s more reports regarding this uploader “EpicPrydaMods”, I’ll forward this to my administrator and he will decided what to do.

        Kind regards,

        • Senpai says:

          This “EpicPrydaMods” really isn’t doing it right. Re-uploading other mods and often putting his own name in the credits when there has been no clear changes. He doesn’t even change or translate the desriptions of the mods. It’s really, really obvious it’s all stolen content, and you as the site managers urgently need to have a look into it. Allowing this to go on is foolish.

  3. Joa says:

    I’m very happy to see my name in the top 3 again good luck Rambow145 and EpicPrydaMods

  4. Senpai says:

    I’m very curious as to why Mike J’s comment on here was taken down. He made a very good point, with several things you as the manager and administrator should consider when it comes to moderation of mod uploading.

  5. says:

    This is a comment by “mikej” and is a recovered copy from recent backup:

    “just my two cents. i won in december. i converted mods from 2013 to 2015. i did not convert any mods with requests not to use or re upload. because thats what you are supposed to do ask first, a few mods i converted i got permission and a few others i didnt i didnt get an answer back. this eric pryda? is one of the reasons i stopped participating here. if the people in charge let other people re upload mods that were uploaded by other members previously, it would seem there is a lack of proper moderation in that field. im not sorry to say that there could be a lot of improvement here, but ive done a bit of checking, and it would seem that some of these eric pryda mods do exist on other sites and they on the other sites do seem to be by the original people, im not talking converted from 2013 to 2015 im talking already made or converted 2015 mods being used…. it happens, but ive read previous posts by this eric pryda and if i recall it was accusing someone of taking mods. i never uploaded anything i converted to any other web site only here, i also didnt tell people they couldnt do so because i didnt create the mods i converted and the majority were free to use anyways who am i to say no? but ive seen a ton of mods i converted including descriptions but credited to others as if they did the thing.

    so it is a common thing for people to take what is not their creation and take credit. mostly people confronted with this they stop, but some dont. they dont care. those are the ones that get made into examples.

    i think ive said my two cents worth so heres a fiver to cover the tl:dr excess.”

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