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Introducing the Thunderhawk Balemaster 86-72 The Largest Round Bale Trailer On The game Market Today
The Balemaster 86-72 Stretchs 72 Feet Long and 8 Ft Wide With Bale load cap of 86 1.4 sized bales
The Bale Master Was Built For The Farmer That Needs Hundreds of bale per cutting to keep his livestock
Fead Though out the summer and winter Built mainly for offroad field to Farm use its Still Road Legal with
10 Beacon Lights Placed Around The Unit For High Visibility Highway use & Fully Lighted With Marker Lights, turn Signals,
Brake Lights And Reverse Lights Because Of The Long Lenth A Signal Light Has Been Placed Down Side At

Every Marker light There is no excuse why anyone would not see you Im currently working on version 2 which will allow
Sqaure bales as well. The script still has selection for the four types round is all thats been setup at the present
Default new holland Bales Cant be used with this trailer at this time they are 1.3 sized bales and dont fit on trailer right
I used The Krone Ultima CF155XC Automatic baler because baling that much hay would take too much time
to stop and kick out bales the trailer was setup off the 1.4 bales of the ultima as pictured it excepts wrapped bales as well For Convenience the krone Ultima cf155xc will be in pack no modifications has been done to the krone ulitma
Log text Completely clean of errors or warnings
Name Thunderhawk Balemaster
Model 86-72
Length 72 ft (21.95m)
Width 8ft (2.44m)
Axles main 4 25,000 lbs each
Drop Axle 25,000 lbs
Empty Weight 22.654
Max Load 97.336
Wheels: Alcoa 22.5 x 10
Drop Axle Wheels Alcoa 16.5×9.5
Deck Material: Red Oak 1.5x 6 inch
Deck Frame Painted Aluminuim
Deck Frame Cross Members Painted Aluminuim 16″ Spacing
Frame: Steel
Frame Cross Members Steel 24″ spacing
Brakes: Bendix
Color: Southern Barn Red
Note 1: Auto load or offload only for version 1 the krone bales or something is causing a bad glitch out when bale
fork hits bales while still on trailer all other ie everything is fine
Note 2: THe Ubt Scribt Currently Used Is A Older Version And Has Been Known To If Saving game with trailer loaded
to glitch on reload of game and not show bales on trailer bale count will show correct but nothing there and cant be unloaded
You will lose bales because you would have to sell trailer and buy it back Just Unload Bales Before Game Save if trailer is loaded
im working on the newer version script it would not work at all in this mod
Note 3: Sqaure Bales Wont Load At All And Since The Trailer Was First Only going to be a round bale trailer
the issue has not yet been found look for version 2 for Sqaure Bales To Be Added
Note 4: Lift Axle Control Keyboard Key V

UNPACK And Pack The Two Folders In Mods Folder
Have Fun With I Have Enjoyed Building it the last two weeks now its time to start the version 2 of the mod Feedbacks Welcome for v2

Credits: Thunderhawk09


UnpackBalemaster (file size = 28 MB)


  1. sebastian says:


  2. Chris says:

    When I go to auto offload my game crashes

  3. James says:

    Another GARBAGE mod, your game crashes when you unload it, and when you come back into game ALL your bales are gone but the trailer still shows it is loaded..
    Bunch of CRAP!

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