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The Isle Of Man V 1.0

The Isle Of Man V 1.0

Wine Beer Canning Flour Bread CannedFish
Yogurt Meat Juice Cider
Goose Pig Beef Turkey Bull
Apple Orange Grape Hops

Cucumber Tomato Strawberry
Fish Fish Salmon Garfish FishSardine
FishCrab FishMoussels FishTrout
Boats KFC And Many More
Fishing Boat
Author 3d model:
Don Mario, Perfil Bajo, Techland, MODALL
Conversion and Ingame FS2015:
Sven777b, Geri-G, PeterJ
Ferry Boat (RacheT13)
Animal Trailer (Marhu Farmer_Andy)

Credits: RC-Devil


Unzip  (file size = 818 MB)


  1. Mike Whitten says:

    This is a Great map, very well done. Only one thing would have been nice to have a few note as to how it all works.

  2. I agree with Mike, very well laid out map, but a bit puzzled how some-things work, I have learnt one thing though, if you take your boat out into deep water it disappears to the bottom, but comes back in the farm yard when you restart the game, and cost a fortune.

  3. Mike Whitten says:

    As we find out what works and don’t lets post it for others.

  4. mark Jacklin says:

    how do you get the machinery to the islands

  5. Alpha Quinn says:

    I have the Map installed in my mods folder but it doesn’t show up in game. Can someone please tell me what happened

  6. txcwboy says:

    the gates for the geese and turkey farms won’t open up. Why??

  7. jay says:

    i have not been able to use the fishing boats they start with fish in it but the “z” key says description or something missing but does nothing i don’t get it?

  8. Jay s says:

    i have figured out a few things on this map on how it works and at least one not to do for fishing you have to get the food fish from marina and drive around till you see the green containers to put it in then wait and fish will come to that area, then you kinda hunt it will pop up what fish are in that area and how much you drive around till then start appearing in your net/trap on boat.I found that if you use a mod harvester on a field it will freeze game. not sure on stock ones (i don’t use them) and most items you have to use the trailer provided in the game small utility i have mod trailers that will do some but not all stuff

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