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Talfeld Multifruit V 0.9

Talfeld Multifruit V 0.9

Talfeld Multifruit

That’s my Talfeld Map, now with Multifruit of Upside Down, the MapBuyableObject and MixFeeder of Bluebaby210. Next installed is the pig, cattle fattening, the Wassermod and the composting of Marhu, the feed stock of VIPDani, and the script of webalizer_ls ChoppedStraw. But again my best thanks. Also a big thanks to wannabe Bauer for the building – Aktienbrauerei, bakers, butchers, inn.

In addition to the standard fruits, the fruit varieties oats, spelled, poppy seeds, millet, oats and sunflower are installed.
All trees are precipitated. The you can go as long wood to the sawmill, or you let your ship from the web on. Of course, a biomass heating plant is installed, the chips takes. The streets all have names for better orientation in Sp and Mp.
Let yourself be surprised what you can all buy. Have fun and give me feedback what you will have.
1. 1,21

2. 3,60

3. 1,98

4. 1,66

5. 5,62

6. 3,66

7. 1,21

8. 3,15

9. 1,05

10. 6,16

11. 7,49

12. 2,54

13. 4,80

14. 2,42

15. 1,83

16. 0,78

17. 14.33

18. 3,91

19. 2,27

20. 4,67

21. 2,64

22. 1,64

23. 5,24

24. 4,18

25. 17,51

26. 4,99

27. 4,32

28. 4,16

29. 1,75

30. 19,89

31. 1,77

32. 6,13

33. 2,52

34. 6,77

35. 2,53

What awaits you ?!
It is installed
choppedStraw, GMK-Mod, AnimationMapTrigger, composting, Multifruit, pig and cattle fattening, MixFeeder, Marhu’s sawmill, and lots more.
Have fun with the map. If you have questions or suggestions send me a message.
Ps. I hope I did not forget any credits

Credits: Redi90


TalfeldMulti_enpacken_Unzip (file size = 409 MB)


  1. harry Driver says:

    Talfeld Multifruit V 0.9
    jaja da musste mal wieder alles schnell gehen und eine map noch raushauen und wat is nur Schrott die map startet aber mehr dann auch nicht! Also bearbeiten bitte und dann eine V 1.0 die dann auch laufen bzw. funktionieren sollte in diesem Sinne!!!

  2. Eric says:

    What trailer can carry ‘mohn’ and ‘dinkel’? And what can be used to harvest either of them? I have more than thirty trailer mods and nothing works with either crop. If you’re going to use a crop nobody else has ever used you need to add equipment that can use those crops. This map is worthless without it.

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