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Suedhemmern V 9.0 Finale

Suedhemmern V 9.0 Finale

Version 9.0 Final
Landscape revised (hill) SeedMaster2 installed (at the court) Seeds2 bearings installed (at the court) sale of dressed seed on land trade Hille inserted liquor as production and trade goods inserted distillery function installed outlets for booze pasted warehouse for bread, beer and liquor incorporated potato washing system potato damper pig feed mixer stock for pig feed outlet for pig feed added sales for washed potatoes on site inserted sawmill Marhu enlarged palette collectors for sawmill built (6 pallets) sale of wooden pallets in the freight station added new mast installations (juveniles)

inserted cattle market pigs in Hartum built cattle market cattle in Hille incorporated More animated gates at the court Diverse trees complemented collisions at the edge of the card installed Distance Hills inserted minor bugs

Credits: Marhu, Farmer_Andy, power74de, upsidedown, Fendtfan1, vanillaice83, KundSmodding, Trixi, Diops33, Goodgod, Himmi, Papa, Weltbauer, Frisco0177


EntpackenSuedhemmernMap (file size = 376 MB)


  1. Eviltidi says:

    How do I open these white gates at Brewery, Bakery and BGA.
    And why are they there???
    Beyond that it’s a nice map.

  2. Eviltidi says:

    Oh nevermind.
    I found out myself that you need MapBuyableObjects.
    Would be nice to read things like that in the info.

  3. Jason says:

    The distillery doesn’t seems to have a marked point where you can pick up the 75000 booze in the inventory. The bakery and the brewery have clearly marked spots to pick up. Any help would be appreciated.

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