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Sudenhagen V 0.6Beta

Sudenhagen V 0.6Beta

Version 0.6beta
Now, the update to version 0.6beta, beta is because I got yet installed no AI traffic. So now what’s new:. -Prices For cattle and pigs adapted -When Agravis can now lime, seed and fertilizer are bought and stored at Nebenhof (signs are on the bearings off) Clover alfalfa is now at the fruit appears -Pferdehof can now be sold straw -Füllstandsanzeigen feed stores and LU Hof -Kompost Master installed on horse farm fields all buying couple grade eggs can be sold at Agravis in Sudenhagen and Wartenberg growth times now.

Wheat, Barley, Rape = 120.0Std (5 days) per growth stage potatoes …., sugar beet = 72.0Std (3 days) per growth stage Maize = 96h (4days) per growth stage clover, alfalfa = 48h (2 days) per growth stage Grass = 24h (1day) per growth stage Required Mods: ChoppedStraw, GülleMistKalk, MultiSprayerHerbizideMod for weeds to find in the MigMapCelle and who wants the AmpelMod will only work in single player Recommended Mods: GründüngerMod, Quote: The green manure-mod adds all cultivators, plows and Drill in the game added the ability to fertilize by incorporating a catch crop. MultiMowingMod, This mod extends the functionality of mowers to mow cereal clover alfalfa and a yield increase in grassland fertilization. The latter is properly the slurry / manure mod.

Credits: PumaIceman


Sudenhagen (file size = 553 MB)

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