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Stroholm V 1.1 Multifruit

Stroholm V 1.1 Multifruit

Version 1.1 Multi Fruit
+ Multi Fruit in the LS 15 standard (clover, alfalfa, oats, rye, sunflower)
+ clover and alfalfa grow back!
+ Weed ready (optional)

+ less floating trees, terrain adjusted
+ new ground textures + horse as a sales station for oats, straw bales and trees
+ PDA + more new


Stroholm_1_1 (file size = )


  1. ALtheBULL says:

    Hello all, leaving a comment to say that this is an outstanding map in almost all aspects. (The load time Especially) takes about 15-20 seconds. But, I also want to ask how to use the new fruit types (I.E. clover, alfalfa, oats, rye, and sunflowers. I just tried installing the 2 “Multifruit” mods from the “Others” section, but they wouldn’t load into my game. Any info to help would be great, Thank You In advance. And happy farming all.

    • ALtheBULL says:

      Also wanted to ask if there will be any more versions of this map in the future, and if so would it be possible to get the Cars and picnic tables at the Wool sell point removed? I use the Wool Trailer mod and the Peterbilt 379, fill up the trailer and transport the pallets to the sell point, but sometimes struggle with maneuvering the tractor trailer into position to sell all the pallets. Thank You again.

  2. ALtheBULL says:

    I apologize for having to be the bearer of bad news. But the barn at the horse Stable near plot #12 with the Gold Coin in it is Inaccessible.

    • ALtheBULL says:

      Little trick to get the coin, park a tractor right next to the location of the coin and jump into the wall of the barn. might take awhile.

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