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STEYR 8100 8110 8120 PACK V 1.0

STEYR 8100 8110 8120 PACK V 1.0

Uploaded by RussianFarmer

Hello, here we present you three 6-cylinder models SK1 available.
It is about the Steyr 8100A SK1 Steyr 8110A SK1 and around the Steyr 8120a Turbo SK1. (Project Oldtimer / 80s)

Features / Info:
IC control
swing axle

Animated: wiper (in the rain), tachometer, fuel and temperature indicator (also illuminated)
Open door / close (from the outside) key R
Door to / Remove (from the outside) key R
FL console (default) on / degradable (from the outside) key R
Front fender on / degradable (from the outside) key R
FH + FZ on / degradable (from the outside) key R
Work light front / rear / off (Steyr 8100, 8110) key Num7 / Num9
Hitch front + atacher joint (eg: kaufbares Front weight)
Indoor sound
passenger script
rearview mirror
Steyr 8110 sound (in all three models fitted)
30 km / h

Steyr 8100: 85 hp, year 1982 Steyr 8110: 90 hp, year 1984 Steyr 8120: 100 PS, BJ 1980

In FL-work use a rear weight, and while driving Do not place on the road to FL too far upwards -> tractor tilts else to contribute to tight bends
As you can drive without problems with the front loader (FL), see the PICTURE Mod Steyr 8130A Turbo SK1.
Suitable equipment pack:
will be given later
A big thank you to Max (MB 3D modeling) because he always lets us rebuild Steyr 8080A SK1 model and gives us the release released (= its original DL link). (This was to LS13-hours of us (STEYR Modding) be applied and with him (MB3D Modelling) settled.)

Credits: MB 3D Modelling, unknown000 (STEYR Modding), steyrmodder (STEYR Modding), Domi (STEYR Modding) John (STEYR Modding), Buzzard Agrotech, RivalBomb, Modelleicher, Alex2009


Steyr_6Zylinder_SK1_ENPACKEN_EXTRACT (file size = 117 MB)

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