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With these placeable choppers quickly and cost-strains can be processed into wood chips.
The fuel tank must be filled before the operation. After filling with strains of the engine needs some time to run. The chips can be removed from the bunker or the pipe either.

data sheet
Data Standard Edition Performance Edition Leasing Edition
Triangles 15498 15890 15516
Fuel tank 8000 l 17000 l 8000 l
Wood chips per hour 84000 120000 l l l 84000
Wood chips bunkers 50000 l 60000 l 50000 l
Log bearings 21000 l 21000 l 21000 l
Fuel consumption factor 0.009 0.012 Factor Factor 0.009
Discharging 1000 l / sec 1500l / sec to 1000 l / sec
Price 25000 $ 290,000 LS LS $

$ 1000 LS unique
$ 3,500 Daily LS

A placeable fir corresponds to about 7000 l
You get 95% of the strains as wood chips out again.

The shredder must be filled with the Kotte Universal (Download). The trigger is located at the front.

Credits: Giants, LKXstudios


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  1. laurent says:

    I can not refuel a diesel oil , how? Thank you

    • George Mullin says:

      As the mod author states, you need the Kotte Universal trailer pack in order to drop off the diesel. you cannot use any in game or other modded trailers. it must be the Kotte Universal Pack. Im sure its on many many mod sites out there.

  2. George Mullin says:

    This is not showing up in my game, i have unzipped the file and put it in my mods folder twice and its still not showing up in the game. Anyone know what im doing wrong? i even tried the zip file itself in the mods folder and it still wont work.

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