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Sosnovka addon
This is to add storage of straw grass forage chaff silage and manure with conveyor belt and their is a unload for bale to convert to manure allso liqudmanure stoage and the wool pallet collector next to sheep field.

Credits: BaleToManure Skript by rafftnix DigitalAmountMover by VIPDani MapSiloBand by Marhu Design by pinguar Raptor 5 (Funkturm )iacappo1977 ( rostige Brücke v 1.0 )


gold_addonn (file size = 11 MB)


  1. Tim says:

    Sosnovka map will not load for me with addon.Without addon it loads. Can anyone help with this problem. Thanks

  2. Paul says:

    Had same problem loading Sosnovka map. After much investigation found there is a conflict with the addon and with Marhu’s WelgerAP730wc baler which I have been using on the map. If I remove the Welger mod then the map loads without problem. Don’t know if it is the Welger or the addon storage which is causing the problem.

  3. Tim says:

    Thanks for the reply. I found my problem. It was the add fill types mod and the add baler types mod was causing a conflict. It is working now. Thanks again.

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