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Skreekton Druglord

fs15 mods

exclusiveUploaded by Skreek

THIS MAP IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!!! It includes the manufacturing and processing of illegal drugs such as cocaine and opium.
Busy 1x map.
New crops and fill types- coca plant, cocaine, opium, prawns, bundles.
Standard crops plus sunflower, poppy and marijuana.
SOILMOD READY- put it in the mods folder if you want it. Leave it out if you don’t.

Map has sand, gravel, beer, fish, cement, concrete, oil, crude, pigs, young pigs, beef, young beef, placeable sawmill for board sales in two places on the map.
Driveable fishboat and prawnboat.
Driveable train for hauling logs and crops etc.
Challenging terrain with mud.
22 unplowed fields
Large forestry sector.
BP fuel plant for making fuel and oil.
Pioneer seed and fertilizer plant.
2 BGA’S 1 Mulch (woodchips) The other is standard.
2 concrete sales points
1 cement ‘sell over time’ sales point (Spar market)
This map is about mods.If you have your own mods that you want to use. Then go for it. I have kept the scripting to a minimum to reduce conflicts. I have supplied a ton of my favorite mods. Most are error and warning free.
There are alot of placeables I made for the map. The models are other people’s work. I just made them placeable for this map.
Map is error free. I have been running with about 150 error free mods in my folder without any problems. Just unzip the rar. file, then unzip the zip inside, put all the mods in and start the game. You will see which ones are your default vehicles. Most of them are in the Alali pack but not all of them.

Credits: Skreek


DropBox (file size = 911 MB)


  1. jamie says:

    what hapen to this map/mod i want to try it says its not here or sumthn! it looks realy fun to try n play! if thair is alink or sumthn tht im just not seing i am34years yung an build custom pc”s so it shouldnt be a age thng?? thanks the place i first became aware of this map was the

  2. cliff says:

    really wish I could download this. can anyone help

  3. cliff says:

    why remove? id really like to try this map can anyone help?

  4. willas says:

    i need a save game want to plant fields struggle a bit with this map

  5. Ya Boy V says:

    Hey Skreek I downloaded the zip file and unzipped it in the mods folder in farming simulator and I checked to see if all the mods were there in the settings and they seem to be there. But when I start a new game with your map I gets stuck at the loading screen for about 2 minutes then says farming simulator has stopped working. I would really love to try the map out, look really fun. If you could help that would be nice. Thank you in advance.

    • Skreek says:

      Hmm. I just downloaded from the link and started a new game. It took me about 30 seconds to load. And I have 255 mods in my folder. Make sure you don’t have extra multifruit mods or the AAA_64 filltype or other maps in your mods folder. It’s got to be a mod conflict so start small with just a few mods in the folder and see if it works. Also check your log for errors. It’s by your savegame 1 folder. Lastly, try re downloading the map. That sometimes helps. Hope you get it working.

      • Zachery Valerius says:

        Man I don’t know what’s going on. I completely removed all the mods out of my mod folder, redownloaded everything from the dropbox links above and it’s still not loading. Kinda sucks I guess I won’t be able to play your map. What update are you playing on? I’ll even try to update to the version you’re on. Also I torrented the game but I don’t see how that would interfere with any of this, the only thing I could think of is I’m not on the correct update. Just get back with me with what you think could be the problem now. Thanks.

        • Skreek says:

          Ok so I posted a new map. I tried just putting only the map in my mods folder and started a new game. It only took about 10 seconds to load. Try that with no mods and see if it works. Then slowly add the ‘must have’ mods one by one and reload the game with each one you put in. It’s time consuming but everything with this game is. lol. Other than that make sure you are running the game in open GL and I don’t know any more. Good luck.

          • Zachery Valerius says:

            Well I took out all the mods and left just the map and my game crashed. I don’t think it all the mods because they all work on my other map I’ve been playing on. But I’m downloading the updated map right now so hopefully it will work, been wanting to play this for a couple days now.

  6. Doc Vape says:

    Hummm…in the “Read Me” file, you say that Opium is made in the basement of the temple using poppy. The tip point by the Temple doesn’t except poppy in my game. Is that the way it’s supposed to be, or is my game bugged?

    • Skreek says:

      It’s an ‘underground’ facility. Look around the temple. The upper tip point only accepts coca leaves for cash. hehe

  7. josh oros says:

    How and where do u sell the oil? I went to sell it and it would not let me sell it. I tried as crude oil, making oil in bp place etc

    • Skreek says:

      At the Shell station. Use the zunhammer tank in the mod pack. There are so many different triggers out there, It’s tricky to find a trailer that allows you to unload in all the triggers. You can sell crude there too with the zunhammer for less money than oil as well.

  8. Hedley says:

    keep getting file not found on that link mate,got the must have and should have,no problem but no map??…anywhere else I can download from?

    cheers in advance 🙂

  9. James says:

    How do u use the boats i cant catch fish or nothing with them

    • Skreek says:

      Fill the hoppers at the marina with potatoes for Prawns and sugar beets for Fish. And drive out to the fishing holes with the boat. It tells you more in the readme file.

  10. Alex says:

    My map doesnt have the train???

    • Skreek says:

      It’s in the MUSTHAVE zip and it’s called sampleMod_V180_Blau/Rot. One is red One is blue. Read the readme for driving instructions. It’s a mod made by Ingo210578. Driveable train.

  11. james says:

    the harvesters says they have a missing file. and i cant harvest my coca field

  12. James says:

    there is a error with the harvester it wont let me harvest the coca plant

  13. Skreek says:

    James you should be able to use any combine to harvest with the normal wheat header. If you have problems then it is the wrong ZZZ_multiFruit and ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard files. You can only use the multifruit files from the MUSTHAVE file.

  14. Dave says:

    Hey I love the idea of the map but I cant find my silos? and when I started it says I have 17000 corn but cant find it anywhere?

  15. Dave says:

    Hey love the map but can’t find my silo? Id really appreciate the help 🙂

  16. Dave says:

    Actually found it but it took a while not labeled on my map. Thanks anyways 🙂

  17. Skreek says:

    Danny the sand and gravel are at Cat Country Sand and Gravel. Look for the big, red sign. They are only open between 8 am and 6 pm. Drive onto the weigh pads by the excavators. They load you automatically. (unless they’re on lunch)

  18. Joshua says:

    When I put the zip folder for the map in my mods folder and unzip the “Must Haves” folder into my mods folder and I then go into my game to load the map, the map is not there to load in the map selection screen. I also have 3 other different modded maps too so I don’t know if that is an issue or not?. Help please.

    • Joshua says:

      I just moved everything out of my mods folder and put in only your map and mods and still it doesn’t work. What version of the game do you have the map on?? Because I haven’t updated my game in a while.

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