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Site Hedging Set V 2.0

Site Hedging Set V 2.0

The Site-security set V2 consists of a total of 29 different ingredients: scissors lock, mobile traffic lights, all transport pallets and much more is included in this package. Using this set should therefore not be a problem to hedge their construction site on a Map for Farming Simulator and partially set. The barriers are not only suitable for construction sites, because of course can be customized with the barriers will also cover other places.

Five objects in the set are provided with an animation, you can open or close the corresponding objects with the AnimationMapTrigger. These provide package with even two scripts, so that the mobile light system and the construction of three lights have a function. Say the traffic light can actually regulate the traffic and the lights may flash or continuous illumination of course. At this point a big thank you to Bluebaby210 who has kindly provided the two scripts are available.

Normale Version:
Fences with Pallet
Hoarding with Pallet
Hoarding foot with Pallet
Wire mesh container
Footplate with Pallet
grave bridge
wooden fence
Folding Beacon with collection box
traffic cones
material box
Mobile traffic lights
bay barrier
scissors lock
Two barriers fences with Pallets
Safety beacons collection shelf
warning flag
Three warning lights
Platzierbare Version:
Wire mesh container
grave bridge
Wooden fence with 90 ° corner
Folding Beacon
traffic cones
material box
bay barrier
scissors lock
Two barriers Fences (without / with construction lights)
Safety beacons (1x without anything; 1x with warning flag; 1x with construction lights)

Credits:, Nick98.1, Bluebaby210, Marhu


BaustellenabsicherungsSetV2_byNick981 (file size = 10 MB)


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    Will This work in multiplayer, I’ve tried to add this to my dedicated server with no luck.. hope to get this to work in multiplayer.


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