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Schedule And Soilmod Quick Guide V 1.0

Schedule And Soilmod Quick Guide V 1.0

I present you my Farming Simulator schedule and Soilmod Quick Start Guide.
The schedule is open to all players who want to make their agriculture something real and want to keep to a quasi virtual-year cycle (the LS15 offers this feature, unfortunately, still does not).

Based on the timeline can be seen when, and in what order the various fruit varieties sown, fertilized and then harvested. Since the growth periods at the various mod maps may differ, or be influenced by the Soilmod (more on this later), the data are of course only a general reference. Especially with the seed but it can help the real agriculture to come one step closer.
It supports the standard types of fruit “wheat”, “barley”, “rape”, “corn”, “beet”, “potatoes”. Additionally, there is a separate column for grassland farming, forestry and the corn silage.
At the top edge can be additionally the main activities of each month clearly visible at a glance.
The data originate from “Stormbringer”, but must “be […] used freely and redesigned according to your wishes.” – Stormbringer

For those who are “crazy” (like me) and additionally play with the Soilmod of Decker_MMIV Download Link is the pack a second file in which gives a brief overview of the Mod.
So you can see at a glance how the amount of the nutrient “N” and “PK” affects the crop. The effects of soil moisture and the pH value can be read. In my mind, especially important that overview practice the herbicides and for which crop they are suitable.
Additionally, there is an overview of what happened during the growth cycle (default clock setting is 00:00 move) all happened.
This information comes from Decker_MMIV and are posted on the side of Soilmods.
And so really nothing goes wrong Zensi has saddled her cow and fits it all goes …

In the zip file are 3 files. Depending on a file for the schedule and Soilmod overview, for those who wish to watch the images on the PC, tablet PC or smartphone. The third file is a compressed file in A4 format. So you can print your images at the center (mark) durschneiden / managed (or wrinkles) and then put on the desk. Of course I recommend printing on Photopier because it looks simply beautiful. It can however also print on normal paper, if, for example Wants to make marks and notes, and “every year” used a new expression. Anyone can do as he wants.

The data of the timeline are of Stormbringer and are freely available to anyone. The data of Soilmods are also freely available. I ask you but to respect my creative work and not to disseminate the image files on other sites to publish or upload new.

I hope I can one or the other in order to help with his “work” a little.

Credits: Nico


LS 15 Zeitplan und Soilmodkurzanleitung (file size = 24 MB)

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