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SAVEGAME 1 1.4.1

SAVEGAME 1 1.4.1

Credits: Boommer XD


[removed] Search Better Mods (file size = 2 MB)


  1. mike j says:

    ummmm ok. and how exactly are we to use this? we dont all have the same map or mods on our maps how exactly does this work? ive been sim farming since 09 version and dont recall any savegames being uploaded. i understand people want to win some contest…..but putting what amounts to recycle bin fodder isnt going to win you any 100 monthly prize.

    so you uploaded it explain how we are to install this and use it please.

    • says:

      Hi mike j,

      Our monthly $100 contest is no longer active.

      Check the news section


      • canadianbadass says:

        that doesn’t change the fact that this is useless *hit!!!!!!!!

      • mike j says:

        yeah it was more rhetorical than a suggestion, ill chalk it up to translation not picking up the sarcasm.

        can you explain to us or post to us the USER that make your site what it is, exactly how to put this mod into our games? that would be most interesting to read.
        how about it admin? this would be a great time to show you all know the game as well as you know how to search the web for mods.

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