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Ropa Euro Tiger Set V 1.0

Ropa Euro Tiger Set V 1.0

Ropa euro-Tiger V8-3 XL is a powerful set designed to harvest sugarbeets in a large complex.
The kit includes Ropa euro-Tiger V8-3 XL sugarbeet harvester, Ropa PR-XL harvesting unit and harvesting unit transport trailer.

Mod has:
– all options from FS 13
– add mod passager
– washable
– and etc.

Credits: maciusboss1


Ropa_Euro_Tiger_XL_V8_LS15 (file size = 31 MB)


  1. Blain1971 says:

    Wow, obviously a lot of time went into making this one right. Has great operational sounds, indoor sound, working mirrors and detailed cab. And washable as well? This is the complete package. πŸ™‚ Now we just need the same for potatoes. πŸ™‚ Good Work.

  2. brabus says:

    very good job

  3. Peter3575 says:

    I hope it has mirrors? Without i don’t even want to test it. Because it’s 2015 not 2013

  4. Wolf67 says:

    This is a VERY nice mod, well done.

    • Wolf67 says:

      I’ve used this several times on my map, still feeling very positive about it. Great mod, now as stated above, we need a potato version, or a potato header for this one.

      • Farmer_S says:

        I believe we do need a potato version, and I think I’ll edit this one to take potatoes, I’ve got it edited, just not tested, so I’ll see how it goes. This would be great as a potato harvester. Realistically, it’s meant to be a beet harvester, but we do need a potato version, since I believe potatoes are more popular, at least, I prefer planting potatoes rather than beets.

        • Wolf67 says:

          Sweet! but if you use the same model, maybe put something on it to make it look different so we can tell which is which. Just a thought.

  5. stephane says:

    Great working mod I love it…It is a little fussy with the type of trailer but not too much problem.

  6. KZ says:

    Every time I use this mod, save my game, and then come back to the save game, ALL my equipment is gone. Ruined my save game!

  7. Dan McGowan says:

    When I use both Ropa harvesters, there is a loud sound, and then it corrupts my vehicle.xml file so I have no vehicles when I open my savegame.

    I have both the stand-alone Ropa Euro Tiger (Beets) and the Rope Euro Tiger Pack FS15 (Beets and Potatoes). I used both harvesters from the Pack, and had all my vehicles disappear. Then I tried the stand-alone “Beets” and the Pack “Potatoes” harvesters, and got the same error.

    Here is the excerpt from my FS2015 log file;

    “Warning (LUA): Argument to method ‘stopSample’ is not a string, and not nil
    — from =C:/Users/MyName/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//Ropa_Euro_Tiger_pack_FS15/Scripts/RopaEuroTiger_XL.lua:762”

    I hope you guys can fix this. If anyone knows these guys, please pass this info to them.


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