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The Community LS15 Hi Today I will share a model that every player in the sighting because it comes well Map of Shovel DC and that can be seen as a loader Sand in map Slovak, Suitable for Model Claw by FDR, the arm and the turret is adapted to its bridge and its tracks of Original Model, Model 2 are proposed the Simple with his pliers and model ATA Demo, This mod is not realistic to after this I heard and I repond them great Yes,

Certe have the Model Demolition Company offers us but Giants of the Forest trees and basic tools but no new machine, no project from them for what does not care a Giants can the community since we simply provide you modder of equipment for our enjoyment and for your forest, Many thanks all the same has Timber131, etc .. Dinamix to offer us such beautiful mod for the forest. This mod is Functional but not yet all these Improvements since other project is underway to me, Some adjustment of the clamp croyer me but it’s not so easy is that its area, I hope in any case that these two shovel will help you for your future in construction Forestier breasts Farming Simulator 2015

Credits: Giants, FDR, Serge44


Rolo_Excavator_Forest_Pack (file size = 35 MB)


  1. Rambow145 says:

    Ok I Know you said You was going to stop doing this BUT FROM NOW ON When a mod is posted and it has tracks like this or any that’s came off my mods, that’s in the pic Make sure my name is put in the credits. OK EVERY ONE this Mod right here is why old modders don’t get there names on the mods that had a part in. The one that made this mod went in and del the names and put in the ones he she wanted on the mod. This is how it use to look in the modDesc Jordan Chaleil/Fredzaza/Ombelis/Serge44,Rambow145 and this is how it is now Jordan Chaleil/Serge44/Giants And seeing how I worked out the tracks and the same code And track set up is in the mod that I fixed so we could have tracks my name is no where to be found I seen this on the big Excavator that was upload by some else like a week ago. If you will do this that would be really nice and thank you so much:) And if they say they came up with it they need to watch some of my videos and see. Thanks

    • jeffreymoll says:


      • Rambow145 says:

        Please don’t use the mods I mod thanks 🙂 And wait for them modders that has moved on to make a mod you love in to a 2015 mod. not mad But you don’t like seeing mods taken but you are supporting mod stealing right here good job bro lmao. I don’t steal mods I fix them because others ask me too and If I can make them better and no one has messed with it in a few months then They are not going to fix it. get you S*** Straight Before you try to start some S*** With some one that’s trying to help others out and trying to get modders names out there so they get known. I do a lot of reviews and I give credits below the video how many other youtubers does that??? All they want to do is dislike others and talk S*** about them because a little kid saying they are the first modder and that modder took my mod. Say what you want I will not stop making mods or modding them for me or others so be mean to me I don’t give 2 S***s. Or you could watch some of my how to videos and do something. And you do know others can make things like mod parts and they can look the same. If you don’t want it used don’t video it or make it and upload it, if its on a video then some one be like hey that’s awesome and then bam!! ones out and then the one that made it first is starting stuff saying its theres and it is not see what I am saying?? There are videos every where on how to do blender and other softwear to make parts for mods.

        All I am saying on this so if you reply back I will read it and go on. That’s how I roll!! 😉

        • Chubbzfarmz says:

          Rambow145 go back to what you do bro and let these haters hate….your mods are awesome and a reason why you always win the 100 dollars mod contest and its cuz you kick ass brotha F#@K the rest and what they say your fans will always upload yours either way and you have quite a few

  2. mathijs says:

    This is from ls 2013?

  3. MathijsH123 says:

    Just respect the modders man.

    • Chubbzfarmz says:

      you a squirrel bet you like these nuts lmfao,,,,, why dont you leave him be play the game, you dont see us coming to the corner and beatin the cock out your mouth all day, dont bash what he does, i havnt seen you do anything here but run your mouth faster than a laundry machine on sunday

      • Rambow145 says:

        OMG I Love you Chubbzfarmz !! Your so awesome And thank you all that’s supporting me 🙂 Much Love to all my fans and Friends and Followers. Your all awesome Thanks 🙂

        • Chubbzfarmz says:

          All good Rambow145 buddy said to respect the modders so I am by respecting you bro….. Keep doing what your doing cuz your doing it right…. Have a great day look forward toy our future mods.

  4. Chevy power says:

    Have you ever though about doing a pickup conversion?

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