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V4 Update details.
New field ground textures by melfoy.
Custom grass base layer.
Custom grass edge foliage.
Matched grass distance map.
Updated PDA.
KevinK98’s woodworking on a new lot at MH timber.
Mngrazy Damage Mod ready.

Compostmaster 2k16.
New compost textures.
New compost embedded fill planes and particles.
New multifruit file tested with my other maps.
Updated modesc and lua files show full economy.
Salad Greenhouses now only use seeds2.
Salad Greenhouse seed bins texture updated to seeds 2
South Farm silo fixed.
Mips added where needed to prevent sparkling.
Seed2 added to the north silo.
Salad silo removed and replaced with a seedmaster2k16.
New silo information boards and white signs.
New open south farm yard.
Potato washers replaced.
Ground markers added where needed.
Seeds2 holding after save fixed.
New latest water mod by Marhu.
New water mod spray troughs by Spieler11.
Cow nav mesh adjusted.
Chicken zone troughs fill rates adjusted.
All modular storage unloading triggers enlarged.
All field dimensions correctly set and orientated.
Shed changed at main farm for better access to the seedmaster with larger sowing machines.
All trees replaced.

Credits: Original by Giant’s, mod map by Stevie. Mods, models and scripts installed by. Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, melfoy, KevinK98, Spieler11 and Stevie


ringwoodsV4byStevieFixedUNZIPME (file size = 730 MB)


  1. palpwh1962 says:

    great, map but it crashes intermittently , but it could be me, let me no please .

  2. Mike says:

    mine also works very well. Also are they a way to disable the damage on vehicles?

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