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New for V1.6.

Chicken Fattening, Silage silo, Mixstation, Feedstore, new conveyors and a revised layout at the North Farm.

MH Timber Merchants is a large mill in the Station yard with Marhu’s new sawmill at it’s center along with pallet board sell trigger at the mills warehouses and a woodchip tip trigger at the mill boiler so once the logs are arrive there everythings on hand to make money. Floodit at night like the other main areas.

New Converyor system in place at Ringwoods Main, North and the South Farms.

New layout at the Northern Sawmill.

Woodchips tip triggers added to all of the sawmills boilers.

Field Elevations changed at the north farm area.

New Textures to the farm Storage shed’s, golf resturant, hangers, train station and other areas around the map.

All Manure heaps now fully empty via conveyor.

3 fields are owned at the start now Although field 19 at the south sawmill forestry boundary entrance is only for replanting trees.

All fields a now locked off with correct dimmensions, labelling and prices adjusted.

LS 15 Mods

Hours have been spent around the map fixing floating objects and buildings.

Sale prices have been adjusted slightly. Chicken Has been added to CMP meats.

PDA MAP is updated with the new areas and has new icons for the 3 sawmills wood shell triggers and the pallet board sell trigger at MH Timber.

Map icons added for the animal fattening buildings and sawmill boiler tip triggers.

All the trees replaced before zipping.

Area landscaping work all over the map.

Added starting equipment to the north farm.

Credits: Stevie, Marhu, Farmer_Andy, Wizznall, JHML and Andy1978


ringwoodsV16mapupdate_UNZIPME (file size = 407 MB)

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