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New For V1.71.

The main farm silo trigger has been fixed.

The Farm silo’s have had a small change.

The main farm silo area in the yard has had a small change to it’s layout.

Several floating objects have been fixed.

Collision has been removed from all ash, oak and maple trees and the all the fence end post’s(NOT THE FENCING) this frees up extra resources.

The Voll duplicate warning has been fixed.

The Modesc has been rewritten and is fully UTF-8 compliant.

All reported sever issue’s have been addressed and all the reported wav and texture sizes have been resized/sampled to under reported limits needed.

A few more files have been removed from the map files resulting in a small zip package.

Several landscape issues have been corrected.

Digital Silo amounts have been added to the new farm silo’s but they flicker like the rest.

For now you no longer get paid for tipping at Ringwoods North or South Farms.

Payments have been increased by distance for deliving Perfect Produce to diner’s.

All the tree models replaced before rezip.

PDA Map Updated.

Credits: Stevie


RingwoodsMapUpdateV171UNZIPME (file size = 465 MB)


  1. Jörgen Mortensen says:

    Hej the map looks god but it dont work i play whit a thrustmaster gamepad.You can go to the shop by P ther are a lot off funktion that dont work

    • Farmer_S says:

      Are you sure this is a problem with the map? Do you have the same problem on the original westbridge hills map? It seems odd that it would be the map… My suggestion is to try it on the original map, it might not work there either, in which case it might be another mod doing this. The keyboard works fine?

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