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Porta Westfalica V 1.0 Multifrucht

Porta Westfalica V 1.0 Multifrucht

Porta Westfalica Map: Welcome to the Porta Westfalica. Who likes LS in a beautiful landscape with a lot of details, which is right here. Hills, mountains, a river, a canal, meadows and fields with villages and hamlets in between form the framework.

After a brief but successful manager life can you realize your childhood dream and purchase a farm at the foot of the Wiehengebirge and play farmer.

Short description:
Landscape of Porta Westfalica the Weser, the Wiehen- and Weser Mountains to the Mittellandkanal and the waterway junction. 2 Weser bridges and a temporary bridge over the river and canal bridges 5. The landscape is not 1: 1 over, but roughly modeled.

86 Fields with a total of 670.71 HA and a total purchase price of 26,828,400.00 EUR. 5 fields in the Start property. 81 fields can be bought. All fields are contains fertilizer.

There is a central courtyard, a pig farm, a Rinderhof and a Masthuhnhof with the corresponding mast systems. All that is needed for the care of the animals can be taken directly to these courts. They also each unload everything, then it ends up on the main courtyard in the silos and warehouses.

A field is designed as a hop garden, where the hops (where possible) looks real and in the air grows (6 meters). That’s DASD field with the bars behind the cow pasture on the farm.

Fruits for harvesting:
Wheat, Gertse, rape, maize, sugar beet, potatoes,
Rye, oats, triticale, spelled, sunflower,
Clover, alfalfa, hops, carrots, onions

Fill types for transporting and selling:
Bread, beer, peat, sand, compost, beet pulp, beef cattle, pigs, broilers, boards pallets (sawmill Marhu), wool pallets, eggs

Sales outlets:
Eimo AG * Garden Center * Country Trade Hausberge * Landi * Güterbahnhof * Port * Spinning * distillery * Edeka market * Kaiserhof * industrial plant * Horseback riding * abattoir * Porta market * SG Club * mill 1 * Mill 2 * 2 BGA * beer garden at the water mill * Farmer’s Market * Stadium

Basic Unger

Chopped Straw Buyable Objects green manure Universal Process Kit

GMK Marhu & mngrazy Water Mod

Buyable Objects:
There are available for purchase: the large BGA, the pig farm, the Rinderhof, the chicken, the bakery and brewery. You can choose at the beginning of the game if you want to use this option or not. If it is used, you have to buy these objects first before you can use them and manage. Prices range from 750,000 to 1,125,000, and must of course first be generated.

GMK, ChoppedStraw & GründüngerMod
These can be used if the corresponding ZZZ. Located in modfolder. I assume that choppedStraw and GMK known. For GründüngerMod I plant clover and alfalfa provided as fast-growing varieties, but it is also with all other crops. If they have been sown on an unfertilized fields and is then plowed or grubbed, the field is automatically fertilized.

Were installed:
Animals: cows, sheep and chickens
Mixer hall on the basis of feed mixing plant of Marhu (approval pending)
Beet cutter for direct feeding of cows (sugar beet and potatoes) (Marhu, Funky)
Composting (compost, sale Garden Center and Landhandel Hausberge)
Pig (Marhu)
Cattle fattening (Marhu)
Broiler (Farmr_Andy)
Sawmill (Marhu)
WaterMod (Marhu) for all animals
Wool range collector (Marhu)
Digital display (Blacky BPG)
Lining layers of Frisco177
BGA of Manuuu (with minor modifications due to the conversion)
gr. BGA (much individual components)
Silage mountains (large capacity) at the large BGA
Brewery and bakery GE mapping (with function)
Prepared slurry manure-lime-Mod
Manure storage on the map distributed (see description below)
Slurry storage on the map distributed (see description below)
Supply barns on the map distributed (see description below)
Sandkuhle with sand-purchase trigger; Sale possibility in the port (fast money)
Torfwerk with peat-purchase trigger; Sale at garden centers and agricultural trade Hausberge
Biomass heating power plant from the LS 2015 from Giants
Sawmill from the LS 2015 from Giants
Sawmill and timber train from the LS 2015 from Giants
Another train
AI traffic: cars and pedestrians
Slurry and manure sales (harbor, garden centers, freight yard)
Traffic lights with function

Features (thinging read):

Traffic lights:
The ZZZ.MapAmpel (with the flash) Download (link is below specified). Yes, it is to be 13. This must once unpacked from the LS to a new folder (create a new folder on your desktop, this rename “MapAmpeln”, insert and extract the downloaded file there. Then there existing modDesc.xml delete and insert the enclosed modDesc.xml. The old zzz.MapAmpeln unpacking after also still exists, delete it from the folder. Then the whole folder zipping back and slide it into the mods folder.

Field purchase:
Fields must be purchased in AMTSGERICHT !! This is in Minden (PDA View / signs follow).

Manure storage, manure storage piles and silage Beamer
There slurry storage around the map spread and manure BEAMER in all places where manure (BGAs, pork and Rinderhof, main courtyard) is applicable. You can tilt the manure into the projector and then out of the bearings on the map again found (eg slurry tanker filling).
There are also MIST storage piles, which on the projector at the court (wheel loader) or be filled directly to the manure storage. The manure then ends up always in stock and can be taken anywhere (Miststreuer filling).
The level of the manure and slurry storage is there each display.

There is a beamer at both BGA silage. If you abläd silage there, this ends up in the silage storage on the farm and can be there and also to all the fattening farms are taken again (feeding). Who does not want this help, they do not have to use.

Teleport System: In the farmhouse on the farm (in the range of wool collectors) are “teleport”, transporting a fast to different parts of the map (eg Local Court to fields to buy). Are located on the destinations again teleport that will bring a return to the main courtyard. The respective destinations are designated with a sign.

The fields are all contains fertilizer! You need to be fertilized again until after the first harvest and sowing. Who is nevertheless attempted, will see that the workers stop after a short distance.

Again the particular Note: Supplied multiFruitModul_Standard MUST in the modfolder.

Brewery & Bakery:
It MUST be the UniversalProzesorKit_0.9.8 in modfolder
Another does not work! Please note.

In the brewery are from barley, hops and water beer, which you can sell. In the bakery are made from wheat, barley, sunflower and water then bread, which you can also sell. Both are at the imperial court, the SG Club, the beer garden, the stadium and the Porta market to sell.

The hop garden I designed and the plant will end up a height of 6 meters, because that is so in hops. Among the textures suffer somewhat, but more realistic, than just as a floor plant.

Hops are harvested with the combine with corn head. Is not really realistic, but through these settings have an opportunity to harvest the hops all players including those who are unable to rewrite devices.

Beer and bread can also be transported with normal followers. I have endeavored to create FillPlanes that can make it look a little more realistic. The particle systems I have so equipped. Again, everyone can use it to transport bread and beer.

Who wants to grow no hops, can buy these at garden centers also. There you can also sell it if you have too much time harvested. Who wants to cheat, can buy it there cheap and sell it immediately and make a killing on, but does not make the game.

Hops can be stored on the farm, where it can also be removed again.

Milk & Eggs:
The milk is automatically picked up. A milk trigger is installed at the milking machine. One can therefore invite the milk at the milking machine and transported to the dairy during the Eimo AG or use for breeding facilities.

The eggs can be at the farmers market in the town of Minden sell (eggs stand at the end of the market).

Klee & Luzerne:
They may take the GründüngerMod harvest also in two ways. Once the mower for grass and then get in touch with the loader wagon. It is then added to the grass and can be used as well. One can clover and alfalfa crops with the BigX and disc cutter and it is chopped (chaff) out there and this can be used as such (silage silos).

Sunflower, carrots and onions:
These are to reap all with a combine harvester with corn head. Is not very realistic for the onions and carrots, but was not otherwise possible because of the new features in the ParticleSystems. I really wanted to like the LS 13 use the beet harvesters, but that did not work convincingly.

Beet cutter:
This can be filled with sugar beets and potatoes and the feeding trough fills with compound feed. However, it is visible only after a few minutes. This is a practical reserve for players who have a lot of cows and feeding with mixed feed forgotten times.

Sawyers Works & Forest:
There are two sawmills, one of Marhu and once by Giants, with each timber in the vicinity, so you do not have to drive so far.

The sawmill from Marhu located above the farm in the mountain (shield). The associated forest is in the mountain opposite the sawmill. Two Walstücke are fully planted and may be the same to be cleared. The third forest has some trees, but offers the possibility of immediately reforest, because the trees indeed need some time before they are fully grown.

The sawmill itself needs with stems (right side) and fuel (left side) are supplied and then starts work. On the back then pallets with boards and chips come out. The boards pallets can then spinning to bring (outlet for wool pallets) and gets money. The chips can be equal to reuse as fuel and the surplus sell (straw power plant).

The second sawmill is located at the other end of the map (see PDA) There are two pieces of wood, a reforested and a for afforestation. There you can the deforested tribes sell directly and send off the train after delivery. The longer the logs, the higher the profit.

Supply points:
All over the Map supply points (in the PDA referred to as VP) and two supply Barns (pig farm and Rinderhof) (the PDA referred to as VS) installed.

There you can all fruits tilt (without root crops), straw and grass and then this land in the silos at the farm (shortening driving distances). You can eat there every fertilizer (normal fertilizer and lime), seed and fuel. There are also each slurry and Mitlager connected where liquid and solid manure can be taken (reduction of travel distances).

The following mods are required or recommended:
Multifruit module: supplied separately ZZZ_multiFruitModul (required)

Multifruit Mod:  (required)
GülleMistKalk Mod: (if required)?
MapAmpel Mod:  MapAmpeln (required; it must be replaced with the enclosed modDesc)
Slurry Transportation: (Only the transporter)
Chopped Straw Mod: (If required)
Time Acceleration:  (In Barf)
Multi Moving: (required)
Chicken Transport:
UniversalProzessorKit 0.9.8 .: (required)
buyableObjects: MapBuyableObject (required)

The map is created with the GE 6.0.3 and Patch 1.2 is required.

Credits: GMCW


PortaWestfalica_Entpacken (file size = 373 MB)


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