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Features 6 individual farms with approx 100 Ha of fields each. Each farm also has its own animal type. Included at the core of PV15 is a robust factory system where

you take crops from the field to the factories for larger profits! You even have construction projects where you have to build factories before you can use them!

Credits: dajnet


PV15 (file size = 459 MB)


  1. vace200026 says:

    Where can I find mods for all the fruit you have on this map? Everything from harvesters to planters and trailers. Thanks for the map, I have been looking to a large map that will kill alot of time….

  2. mateus kuhn says:


  3. smoky says:

    i cant buy the quarry

  4. ColBoy says:

    I have only found one glitch so far, I can hire a worker to harvest the pre-sown fields #126 & #127 but when you hire a worker to cultivate them afterwards he only goes a short distance and stops its as if you don’t own the fields, you can manually cultivate. I haven’t tried sowing yet will come back with a comment when I have

  5. ColBoy says:

    Please don’t misunderstand this as I appreciate just how much work has gone into making this map, but my other comment would be that while it is really good having multifruit crops – std crops are soooo boring 🙂 – it doesn’t help when you can’t find a harvester to work them. I had to edit the xml & modDesc files for both harvester & headers before I could do anything with the Sorghum & Sugarcane fields & while this wasn’t a big job for me, for a lot of gamers who don’t know how, this makes the map unplayable. I don’t know if the maker of a map can change someone else’s vehicle mod and include it into his/her map’s zip file, without pre-asking permission. I did it for myself personally and haven’t put it up as MY mod for others, so it’s not a problem to me personally. Great map so far.

  6. ColBoy says:

    This has got to be one of the weirdest things I have come across and I have been playing FS since 2009 Gold ED, 2011, 2013 and now 2015. Refer to my first comment about the cultivator. As I said the hired worker only goes about 20 metres and stops. However if you use a seed drill that also cultivates you don’t have any problems. I have tried 2 different cultivators and neither will operate with a hired worker BUT they work OK on other maps. I am enjoying the map in all other ways, you have so much to do I am going to be playing this one for a long time, probably have to stop playing this map only when FS16 comes out 🙂 :-). REALLY WELL THOUGHT OUT MAP GOOD JOB!

  7. Jordan137 says:

    Okay so I have tried everything to be able to harvest Sorghum however I am not able to. I have the multifruit and multifruitmodule files in the mod folder however I cannot harvest sorghum. I was able to harvest sugar cane without a problem. What can I do to be able to harvest sorghum so I can strat getting fuel on the map?

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