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Plain Simple Map

Plain Simple Map

Uploaded by renebqc

Fruits: wheat, barley, rape, oat, rye, sunflower, dinkle, mohn, cotton, grape, potato and sugarbeet.
Greenhouses: cauliflower, strawberry, tomato, cabbage, lettuce and raspberry
Mods: mixFeeder, beetMaster, compostMaster, milkmax, seedmaster, potato and sugarbeet washer and steamer.

Amimals: cow, sheep, chicken, young beef, young pig, chicken2 and egg laying chicken2.
Fields Area: from 2.3 Ha to 21.85 Ha. Price: from $69,000 to $655,500.
PDA map COLORS: white – milk, orange – fields buyer, red – secondary unload pits and products supply, blue – mill pound.
Eggs are sold to restaurant and Restobay.
Map use: EmptyMapMultiFruitsV2ENTPACKEN from Joa Giants, thanks Joa
Greenhouses GE mod from Vaszics, thanks

Credits: Thanks to all modders for items, scripts and mods used on this map.


PlainSimpleMap_Files  (file size = 917 MB)


  1. caseih_806 says:

    could u make a youtube video on how to use the map and show all the features

  2. john straum says:

    could make a place able mod for your sheds that have the conveyors on them. if u could that would be great.

  3. noris1225 says:

    dlaczego kombajn nie kosi scina gre

  4. dave heinen says:

    it would be sweat if you could make the beet and potatoe washers placeable and upload them. also if u could make the compost machine placeable to that would be great.

  5. Nick Boon says:

    having some issues with the Pallets from the Cabbage green house not auto loading onto the Fliegl DPW180 trailers with autoloading function.
    is there something that i am doing wrong with it?

  6. js says:

    well field #15 is unbuyable purchase point high in air and can’t load any sowing machines at garden center or down by green houses not sure why

  7. js says:

    and paved roads between fields? makes it unable to join some of the similar fields to make one big one

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