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Now here is my placeable milk factory for download.
This dairy plant produces drinking milk (Freshmilk, fillType “milk2”), butter (fillType “butter”), buttermilk (fillType “Buttermilk”) and cheese (fillType “cheese”). As a “waste product” is the dairy plant feed (Forage) ago -> actually whey.
Adopting amount of milk (milk) of the cow pasture is 55,000 liters, this is also the maximum amount of memory all products.
Drinking milk produced every hour. The amount per hour is 500 liters.

Butter is produced every 2 hours and the amount is about 64 liters, as a byproduct formed ca 1200 liters of buttermilk.
Cheese is produced every 3 hours in the amount of approximately 90 liters of this whey is produced, which is then provided as a Forage (compound feed) are available.

The package is for transporting a cooling spreaders for sale and a small stall as well as a sales trigger.
The cooling spreader has a small bug by dyeable – i have not Time for the check of this Problem – the box is white πŸ™ (In the GE, the Box is colored)

Credits:Β t2k_modding


upk_smallMilkFabric (file size = 18 MB)

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