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Placeable Rabbitshelter V 1.0

Placeable Rabbitshelter V 1.0


A few days ago the idea came time to make a placeable object.
By chance, I remembered the Videotut to animate animals into the hands so I thought, why not make a rabbit hutch?

Said and done. Within 1 day later, the model was finished and ready for texturing.
What was missing were the animals.

For some life is in the mod, I have animated the buck.
We quickly realize that was it without a suitable script is not possible to move the animals.
So I forced myself to Marhu which summarily declared himself ready, the thing to look at times (huge thanks again for that!)

The result is a placeable Hasenstall with animated animals, which flushes you depending on the difficulty 50-150 euros per day in the checkout πŸ™‚

The Mod is the SP, MP and have been tested for the Dedi Server -> error free!
Price in shop: 1500 Euro.

Credits: FSM – Team, Marhu


FSM_RabbitShelter_LS15 (file size = 6 MB)

One comment

  1. maximilian says:

    i think it is not good that the rabbits are not walk in their Little house:(

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