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Placeable GreenHouses v4


Uploaded by EpicPrydaMods

4 greenhouses (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, chili)
1 setting frame transport for delivery and removal (Suitable for standard dolly or truck)
1 small sale Bude

What has been changed:
The production fluctuates by about 3% now and the fruits ripen now only in the period of 4-21 clock.
So the greenhouses now cost money – and this was a small mistake did theywere currently free.
3 liters of fruit will continue to be harvested per minute – so on a game day about 3000 liters = maximum, then it must be shut down before new can be “harvested”.
Note: It is the installation with the GE is Possible, but this is not mine gesupported. An experienced mapper takes this easily.
So many benefit from objects with function, Which can Easily be “built in” I specialize in the creation of placeable mods.

Credits t2k-lsmodding


upk_greenHousesV4 (file size = 12 MB)


  1. Dave says:

    This mod doesn’t work, cannot sell product..

  2. Rox says:

    Doesn’t work for me too, I hope maybe the V5 will be much better.

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