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Paradise Hills V1.1 fixes and improvements.
Compost master usage fixed as well as production.
Groundmarkers added to compost master, compost master store, compost sell points.
Compost store added in the general store with conveyor.
Milk Dairy yard space increased and tip grids added.
Signs added to the general store.
100 coins adjusted.

Wood working fixed including the sack pallet spawner and collision.
Water Tower added to wood working with fill trigger, ground markers added.
Mill pond wood triggers added to small lake near wood working.
Animated water log fixed.
Rye distance maps changed and matched for early growth stages.
Oat diffuse sparkling removed.
Sorghum cut height adjusted.
Trailer tip added to the beetmaster2k16.
Egg station pallet path corrected.
Sageworx pallet textures fixed.
Wood train adjusted back a little.
Autosell added to eggstation pallet mover.
Plus more.
Hello friends this is Paradise Hill with multifruit and soil mod ready. 21 medium to large fields and a large natural forestry area in the centre of the map. The map also comes with matched placeable trees for fast forestry replenishment. Custom animal zones with water mod and animal fattening for Pigs, beef and chickens plus egg laying station. The map has many features and ways to pass by the hours. Have fun, Stevie.

Credits: Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: KevinK98, Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Robbie, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, Fatian. Blacky_BPG and Webalizer


paradiseHillsV11ByStevieUNZIPME (file size = 860 MB)


  1. rtnikko says:

    Stevie i like your maps their real good. one thing i think you should do is not put all them goofy hills in between farms and Fields, their not natural looking and kinda ruins the maps. smooth them and blend them would be a big improvement. also i would add more detail in foliage would break up the ground cover to look more natural. take a look at agro farma map has great detail the kind your maps are missing. very good work on your maps their some of the best but could even be better.

  2. What_ManDK says:

    Really cool map. Enjoyed it so far.
    In v. 1.1 I found a tree sat on the road just next to field 1, on the road to the cows. Ccopped the tree so its gone now.
    Also the prices for animals seems strange. Pigs are 32, calves are 7 (seven) and chickens are 152!!??

    The info text rolling across the screen at the top says CompostMater and not CompostMaster.

    My chickens in the egg laying station also seems to die slowly, as their numbers decrease slowly – is that supposed to happen, and what is the idea behind it?

    Thanks Again for a cool map, I like the rolling hills.

  3. SaturdayMorningBacon says:

    Hi Stevie, the texture for the pallet lumber board making mill in the middle of the map is empty, shows up as white.

  4. legtechnic50 says:

    je n’arrive pas a engager un ouvrier pour moissonner est ce normal?

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