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On Waldkater V 1.0

On Waldkater V 1.0

What is there on the Map?

The Eifokhandel

The Billinger Landhandel


A sand pit

A sugar factory

A freight depot

A concrete plant

A slaughterhouse which was created by me personally

A main courtyard which was ertsellt by me personally

A horse was ertsellt by me personally

Even the Landmaschienen merchant has got a new design by me

A grain dealer is created by me personally

A sawmill

The Compost plant of Farmer Andy

And further some smaller farms are installed on the map to serve as a sales station.

The forest on this map is in small forests divided on which is but achievable and also workable with the conventional technique!

What is installed on additives?

Slurry manure-lime Mod

Weeds Mod


Sand Gravel Cement Concrete

Also the traffic is made more quickly were thus increased to a speed of 40 km.

A train was built on the border Map this embankment is designed so that the train does not hinder you while playing

Also in the air transport by an aircraft.

Fruits have remained only the Standart.

Some fields are already your property, others still need to buy werden.Die Fields you already have in possession for the game early sown even before.

What do you need to Mods?

For this purpose, following the Mod come this map but I needed not the links to find.






The Map On Waldkater is error-free on Patch 1.3 running!

It should also be satisfied with this map still this map is built according to my ideas and they must primarily pleased me personally.

But I guess that some other will also prepare joy!

So someone on the design of the fields or the structure of the map should interfere ansich he should only invite garnicht or delete them again, all I’m waiting for a reason as it came lately to the some of the only other Loading deter the comment section to use did.

However, they may find a remedy after all still have crept in one or the other error, this should be the case I ask you this so please in the comment section to melden.Wir and I are not perfect can there already something going wrong ,

If you like my work, I would be glad about a thank you but also has a laudatory comment.

Rise questions to the map prepared like.

Credits: devin


Waldkater_V1  (file size = 504 MB)


  1. alexander says:

    das ist eine super Karte Danke

  2. FabGenTV says:

    Es liegt ein Bug bei dem Compost ding vor wenn man auf den Bildschirm schaut dann hangt sich das Game bitte FIXEN :s

  3. je me rais télécharger une maps Fuit Trigger sur mon farming 2015
    comment faire ?
    fait moi un plan

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