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Oldtimer-Pack From LS11 V 1.2

Oldtimer-Pack From LS11 V 1.2

Country Egg proudly presents
LS11 Oldtimer for LS15

You can expect:
• Tug Lizard 422 (International 453)
• Tug Lizard 2850
• Drescher Lizard Sovereign 58 (Claas Dominator 85) with corn & corn-cutter
• Drescher Lizard 7210 with grain header
• The “little” green hanger
• A Liquid manure spreader
• The cultivator Lizard 121 ZX
• The plow Lizard 039 D
• The drill Lizard SWG 216a
• Fertilizers syringe Triton 200

With this pack you can comfortably on a small farm do everything obtained during the field work that way.
The “small” green hanger is also excellent for feeding the cows or fattening animals.
On some maps it have the parts so far managed only as decorative objects …
That can not be sitting on the Oldtimerfan. So purely in the shed and restore!
• All units have been converted from LS11
• All devices running on the LS15-standard scripts
• All rolls makes tire tracks & tire dust
• Attention was paid to optimal use of resources – any unnecessary files in the package.
• There is a neat and clean Modbeschreibung categories Shop.
• The prices and performance data were largely 1: 1 copied from the LS11

The tractors are equipped with lights, brake lights, turn signals
Functioning Heckattacher and Heckhydraulick / Frontattacher supplemented – only simple hitch
The Lizard 422, the light bulb has been replaced on the rear working lights – now he lights up again.
Exhaust Particle: Just as burn the fuel, there is not even guaranteed a red sticker
The Drescher come with matching cutting works and use all standard Particle Systems from LS15: catchment animation on cutting, overloading animated, animated swath tray and chaff.
Lizard 7210: The old clunker thrashes only wheat, barley & rape. So there is no maize header – and if you find one good is nothing because the Drescher not like corn. The crate is soooo old that there is only a farmer who can ever use: Bauer Ewald (see Credits)
The Drescher has a dynamic Fillplane from the material holder and the hopper filling is animated. The grain tank holds 3,700 liters
I would like the chopper off. But unfortunately the GIANTS standard script for combine_cylindered is wrong here – the deactivation of the chopper in the XML causes namely that the Drescher only shreds – and not get out puts the swath … error has been reported …
He has “only” nomale lighting and lateral Worklight was taken consistently. Indicators: NE / brake: NE / Rundumleuchte: Must have. Furthermore, an exhaust was also retrofitted.
Lizard Sovereign 58 – when I grow up I’ll be a Claas Dominator 85
Old, but sturdy. The hard-working assistants for the small farmer. With it, you can thresh your wheat, barley, canola and corn. The grain tank holds 4,200 liters
Lighting: light, brake and rear turn signals. The work light also goes again. For reliable marking on the road, he has now scored two beacons

The “small” green hanger has by now achieved cult status. It runs on the new slippers – with matching hub. The jockey wheel is admittedly gefriemelt only with a bit of wire to it – but it keeps.
The Dynamic Plane fruit and unloading Particle system are installed. He just does everything – what at LS 15 to the standard part – except straw.
Light, turn signals and brake go back. It holds 8,900 liters.
Caution: if the brim is, you have to drive long distances in Björnholm since the 2850 on many mountain passes out of steam …
The small Liquid manure spreader comes with a capacity of 12,500 liters. This, too, got spiffy new wheels. A sip of soup after purchase even already inside. The Particle system is standard. Since the turn signals are anyway always eingesaut – there are none.
The small ball car has not made it into the package. The only makes sense if the UAL script from HoT would be installed online team. As I fumble grade rum still tuned …
All units are prepared helper friendly:
The Lizard 121 ZX is a small cultivator with 2.50m width. Runs!
The Lizard 039-D is a three-Schar reversible plow. Quite frankly, that I have the hinbekommen so makes me really a bit proud?
The Lizard SWG-216 A is a mechanical Sämschine, with your
All standard fruit gets into the ground – except potatoes. It summarizes
450 liters and has after buying it yet a residual amount of seed from the previous owner
The Monsoon Triton 200 sprayer helps against troublesome weed. Again, after the purchase has a residual amount in it. What exactly nobody knows. Should you might first try the neighbor …

Recommendation: This vintage weights pack of gnescher fits perfectly to the two tractor

Notes for the realists:
Ahhh, the vehicles have indeed any new tires!
If they do not have yes. The old fit much better to the overall impression of the pack.

No Oldtimer these model years had as much power as it is in the shop. In the game the Lizard has 2850 even 100 hp. Why? Otherwise he comes in Björnholm the mountain to the court no longer high – at least not with the full green hanger. Until almost 9,000 liters of it goes. Who invites more, must go outside around 😉

The problem is that the models are not in scale 1: 1 are in play, long known. Unfortunately, I have only shortly before completion solving webalizer found – and now simply tired again reinzustecken work here. Maybe in the winter in the V 1.1
Addendum: a scaled version will be submitted shortly

Why not Dirtskin: Because I can not do it and because I like the machines so as they are. They have rust and dents -. Enough for me that should be found, which provides the corresponding Skins someone, i’m willing to integrate these.

Why not functioning levels: age, the carts do not even have a roof. As I turn around easily and see everything that is important 😉

Why the LS11-Oldies?
Because of LS13 was no Drescher in visually prettier package – and the driving M66 permanently so alone is in the LS15. But fear not, the 13’er also come. Christmas or so 😉

Patch Level: 1.3
SP / MP / DS
• Log: flawless
• DeDi: No Issues

ModDesc / XML / i3d – Optimizations: Land-Ei
LS 11 Objects: GIANTS
Farmer with a white beard in the Lizard 2850 – South Tyrolean

Bauer Ewald Farmer texture (straw) in Lizard 7210 – 112TEC – a thousand thanks for your help

small tail light on Lizard 58 – fin050808

Credits: südtirolerbauer, fin050808


LS15_oldtimer_pack_FS11 (file size = 28 MB)


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    this is the mod i’ve been looking for. the only problem is that one of the tractors went missing. Could you happen to try and fix it?

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