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Old Times 15 V 6.0

Old Times 15 V 6.0

For the LS15 is again the Old Times Map. While there are unfortunately no vintage pack for the LS 15, but on the Map can also play modern machines. The terrain and the buildings have remained largely the same. However, there was here and there a few necessary modifications in order to get the new features that the LS 15 offers on the map. For example, was the small island off the main island, where else was just the water mill, slightly enlarged to create new space for a small sawmill where you can ferkaufen logs. Next door to the place of purchase for wood chips.
All forests that were just for decoration because at that time, are now fully accessible and can of course also be cut down.

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Seedlings can be purchased at the harbor.
The selling points for your crops are left in place. It was only replaced the windmill. There is now the mill from the 15s LS.
On the farm your fruits (wheat, barley, canola and corn) can be stored again. To load your trailer you must now go to the gable end of the barn – there is a fan.
Potatoes and beets are stored into the Great Barn at the other Hofende (see info ingame). The potatoes and turnips can be removed again manually with a shovel.
Your milk can either themselves to the dairy (see PDA Map) drive, or they can sell you automatically. Since there is no more milk trucks in the LS 15, the milk is sold automatically at 0:00 clock.
For the self-drive among you, I can recommend Marhus “WaterMilkTrailer”:
I’ve tested it on the map and there were no problems.
Fodder and straw can again be scattered in the cowshed or be tilted into the trough at the pasture. Right behind the barn is the slurry pit and the manure pile. Below the cowsheds, towards the forest is a lawn.
Your chickens running free in the yard. The eggs found her in the barn of the main courtyard is pretty much exactly central. (See ingame info). The harbor and in the village you can sell the eggs.

Credits: Gauroth


Old_TimesLS15 (file size = 221 MB)

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