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Uploaded by RussianFarmer

Hi everybody,
version 1.2
– Mischfutterstation fixed it
– Misthaufen fixed it

here the changelog:
was newly built:
– Multifruit
– Manure / Mistmod

Built animations:
– Restricted: HELI lands and starts at 17-20: 00
– Restricted: high security gates
– USS Nimitz: Launching fighter jet + blasting Heli flying over the Budweiserbrauerei
– Lime works: excavators + Elevator
– Continental: unloading
– Monster Truck Arena: Monster Truck + Billboards
– Cattlefarm: Anmierte cows
– Funpark: The Ferris wheel rotates
– Anderson Farm: Animated Horse
– LumperYard: 2 cranes + a tree trunk is drawn to the sawmill
– Baker Farm: Ball lift, Saatgut_Aufzug, Beladerohr, fan, and different goals
– Miller Farm: – Seed Vault, by lift (loading is possible only with a shovel.
– Fertilizer warehouse, a crane (load-is only possible with blade)
– Animated cows in small stable
– Anmierte cows in the large barn
– New fodder warehouse with movable pipes, + new Entladetation (blue chippers)
– New Mixstation
– When buyable cowshed roof windows can be opened. Trigger is next to the door
– Purchasable oil rigs. which can be switched on

New sound:
– Birds in the forest
– Crow
– cows
– Fighter jet
– Have a barbecue
– Dogs
– pigs
– Various industrial plants
– water
and much more

The download contains: Map + Map_Früchte please unzip file and gezippteden files: + OGF_USA_MAP2015 put ZZZ_multiFruitModule_OGF_USA ind the modfolder.

Credits: BERNIESCS mit etwas Hilfe vom FSM TEAM


BITTE_ENTPACKEupdated (file size = 679 MB)


  1. zygimantas says:

    where is oat rye and sunflower storage place??? 😀 because at home i found only for wheat barley rape and maize. please help me …

  2. matt says:

    cant get in the other farms

  3. jud says:

    u need to buy the other farms… for the storage

  4. exroofer says:

    Specifically WHICH farm xan store oats and the other extra fruits?
    Because I have launched this map in another save game with buyables all unlocked, and NONE of the other farms, or additional purchasable silos will take anything but the standard crops.

    Seems like a pretty huge lapse by the map maker.

  5. Death_SpecteR says:

    OGF! you guys are Back for 2015, Yes!

  6. Vendetta says:

    Please a new Update …I like to see a new version with the latest version of textures and mud … bring this wondrous map back up to date. thank you very much.

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