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You need the following mods:

There are 6 yards. Where 4 are purchasable.
You start on the smallest farm.
there are still:
Norris Farm
Miller Farm (the largest of the farms Here you will find all the animals)
Anderson Ranch (Stables)
Edison Farm

Coleman Farm
Ect fruits .. all standard.
Unfortunately I could not test the Map only 8 hours. Hope totzdem sure everything works as far (And hopefully I invite now the correct version High * bet *)
Well everything will have worked.
Test out please .. Performance Moderately I had all 60 FPS .. But have also NEN ZockerPC .. which you probably also required.
Those who do not have large PC, please give me some feedback .. VLL can I improve the performance in version. 2

Credits: BERNIESCS mit etwas Hilfe vom FSM TEAM


OGF_USA_MAP2015n (file size = 425 MB)


  1. eric says:

    wonte load so not ply

  2. Crunch says:

    Very nice map! Thank you. I like the buyable map objects. Would be awesome to start with a blank yard and build up the farm from scratch.

  3. roth says:

    im also stuck at the load screen want to play this map

  4. The Farmer says:

    The map will not load for me ether

  5. Albie says:

    Excellent map . . real farm atmosphere with 4 x farms !
    Nice textures used.

  6. russell says:

    I can not buy any of the other farm yard

    • Wes says:

      Do you have the map buy able objects? Or, when you load the map and everything there is the mod screen do you press the button to enable buy able objects?

  7. stephne says:

    how come I cant buy any of the other farms

  8. d says:

    any one figure out how to buy other farms yet?

  9. Isaac says:

    why cant I load the game I would like some help

  10. Lars says:

    where can I sell my bales?

  11. DBN says:

    You need to download MapBuyableObject mod and place it in your mod folder. This will allow you to buy the other farms.

  12. Wes says:

    Hello I have this map for single player and it works perfect (Thanks for the good map)

    But, when I try to play the map in multiplayer the game stays and 10% in loading screen

  13. Craig says:

    I’ve seen a video of this map it looks great, but I can’t get it to load.

  14. TD says:

    It won’t work but looks like nice map

  15. TD says:

    And I can find the Mapbuyableobjet mod

  16. TD says:

    I mean I can’t find it

  17. nic says:

    how to buy the farm

  18. Dean says:

    Awesome map, thanks for taking the time to make πŸ™‚
    I really enjoy buying new farms and buying new add-ons for those farms
    lots of nice surprises in your map
    this is my favorite map
    awesome…..well done

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