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OGF Bayern V 1.0 By Bobo

OGF Bayern V 1.0 By Bobo

Welcome to Schöffelding!
Important: The download package must be unpacked. This includes the Map and the Unkrautmod ( This is required ONLY if you want to play with the Unkrautmod of Upside Down. If you this with inserts, other mods MANDATORY needed, please bellow !!!!!
After more than 150 hours (conversion, landscape beautification, roads, dirt roads, etc., etc.) I can provide the OGF Bayern MAP for the LS 15 is available to you today.
Please make sure to read the description carefully here, questions be answered thus, I will not answer here in the forum still via PM, thank you!

The map has 5 farms to be managed:
Pig farm with pigs
The main courtyard with cows and chickens
Nebenhof with meat and broiler
In addition to the map, an energy park to be managed with BGA, straw and wood chips power plant.
Additional Features:
Slurry Dung Kalkmod of Marhu
Choppedstraw Webalizer
WaterMod of Marhu
Unkraudmod of Upside Down
Multi Terrain (increased ground angle for realistic textures)

Forestry can be started in the 3 specially planted forests exercise to acknowledge because specially created driveways with barrier.
Furthermore, there are 8 outlets for your fruits and animal species.
Tree trunks can be sold in the northeast ONLY at BayWa, the trigger for this is framed. On the Zugfeature (dismiss) was deliberately omitted and will not be retrofitted because I do not like. This also applies to anderenen frills, I have the map so constructed as I want to play it and also very on performance.
Fields can you limited pooling (with plow). Where this is possible, I have to trim layers and objects between fields omitted (in the south and in the BGA). The trees can be broken with the spruce moped are the Dacian well known.
You start on the main court in Schöffelding, with their dairy farming, egg production and agriculture can operate. You hear a small fleet and a few small fields.
All doors on the Map can be opened with the L key. A Door trigger it is not required, it is included in the map.

Credits: Bobo


Entpacken (file size = 553 MB)

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