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exclusiveUploaded by regularguy

Fixed pda. added chicken fattening added potatowasher added egglaying facility fixed errors in log file. added pivot irrigation to some fields. must download all files and put into mod folder to function properly. added water stations one by the cows and the other by the windmill.
Must start a new game for use of all files
Based on farms around Northern Wisconsin
flat farms lands that stretch 100s of miles off the highway
Standard fruits plus soybean carrot oat and cotton has been added.

cows sheep chickens pig and beef. all sell points are working
enough storage areas and barns for equipment.
I hope everyone enjoys this map as i have had fun making it since its so close to where i live. please any feed back is much appreciated to make the map better if needed. request are taken too.
credits are regularguy jdunn and the asm modding team.
Will need the mix feeder for the cows the link is provided below

Credits: Regularguy,JDunn,ASM Team


unzipme (file size = 795 MB)


  1. tim says:

    pda is a little off

  2. btownsaint says:

    pda is off, nothing is where it says it is. You cant use hirable tools for anything, becuase the coordinates must not be lined up. the tractor does not correct itself to go in straight lines if hes diagonally lines up to the field hell start planting it diagonally. i had high hopes for this map, since i too am from wisconsin. but this map needs alot of work to make it great. i love the arrogation idea, the cow shed, silage bunkers, maybe use some different fencing material since its for pasture, not a stock yard. the fields are square and would be easy to work if the hirable worker knew where to start. i would give it an A+ if everything worked as it should, but it does not.

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