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Norgeholm 2015 V 1.0

Norgeholm 2015 V 1.0

The new standard map with multi-fruit, pig, green manure, SeedMaster, GülleMistKalk, manure storage, horse, Edeka, composting plant, WaterMod, ChoppedStraw, Display Overview, Real Time, bale, Komposterde-, straw, grass / hay, mixed feed, silage and . seed Vault, butchers etc.
Who does not know, sometimes plays one of his favorite map, but you would have a thing or two like different. I also suffered a similar fate as a fan of folk Holm and Holmfarming, something had one what the other map had not.


And so I built a completely new standard map, which in some parts of the vg Resemble Maps. But most of the changes or deviations of the standard map, have been rebuilt, modified and added by me. In addition, emphasis was placed on ensuring that all fields remain as in the original default map. Thus, in Section 24 was only a small strip and about 1/3 away at box 25 for the space required by the fattening farms.

So the way to the finishing farms (pork and beef cattle) has become a small ravine, which is crossed by a footbridge. Pigs and cattle can be fed with the new fruits oats and rye addition to sugar beet, potato, wheat, barley, canola and corn, in addition now.

At the station, the tracks were extended and the tunnel added. An old road bridge from a discarded construction project of the Government of Norge spar over the railway tracks to the new manure Dung purchase.

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Cow and sheep pasture are now next to the granary, not far from the farm.
At the old place of the cow pasture is a horse farm for the purchase of straw, grass / hay, oats and sugar beet. In the former sheep grazing a Edeka market has emerged. Here pigs, cattle and potato can be sold.
The map is prepared for BunkerSilosHud – GülleMistKalk-, the ChoppedStraw- and Greenfertilizer mod. For the BunkerSilosHud-, GülleMistKalk- and ChoppedStraw mod only the corresponding zip files need to be copied into the mod folder – links to the mods see Mod recommendations. The Greenfertilizer-Mod (green manure-Mod) is completely installed and requires no additional measures.

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List and brief explanation of installed, used or prepared Mods:

GülleMistKalk Mods: It can be fertilized with the standard devices slurry, manure and lime.
ChoppedStraw Mod: Does chopped straw visible.
Greenfertilizer-Mod: alfalfa and clover can be sown as a fast-growing green plants and serve as fertilizer for the fields.
Pig: Breeding of pigs and cattle.
WoolPaletteCollector: Automated collection system at the sheep pasture.
SeedMaster2k15: production of treated seeds.
WaterMod: Water supply from cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and cattle.
Manure storage: To store the manure from the cows, cattle and pigs.
Composting plant: the production of compost.
Conveyors: Allows the fruits can be loaded into the trailer.
Soil texture: fields and meadows have received a modified texture.
Ball bearings: For storage of straw, grass and hay bales.
Seed storage: storage of treated seeds.
Multifruid: Additional crops such as oats, rye and sunflower.
Clover alfalfa Behold green manure
Display Overview: LS13 stock price display, modified for Norge Holm. Activation with the F9 key.
Milk trigger. The Zunhammer water and milk tank (see links) can be manually milk to be sold.
Socks: Used to dock the charging hose from the water Zunhammer & Milk tank..
Mapsiloband: Conveyor belts for cow, cattle and pig manure.
Digital display: Level Indicators on the feed stores.
Butchery: purchase of pigs and cattle.
Slurry manure Purchase: Purchase of dung and manure of cows, cattle, and pigs.
Edeka: purchase of pigs, cattle and potato.
Horseback riding: purchase of straw, grass / hay, oats and sugar beet.
Forgotten Plants Landscape textures: Just over the texture of the rocks.
BunkerSilosHud: status and level indication of the bunker silos. Activation with Ctrl (left) + B.

Credits: Pandahma


Norgeholm_2015-entpacken (file size = 394 MB)

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