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Uploaded by COCO

Version 7.1 SoilMod GMK Mod MBO
BGA 2 in der Nähe der Ölmühle erstellt.
Sound bei allen Türen und Toren der BGA 2 eingebaut.
Feueranimation bei der Abfackelung am Fackelturm bei der BGA 2 verbaut.
Beleuchtete Seitenstreifen bei Nacht auf der Landstraße zwischen Molkerei und BGA 2.

Verbesserung der Performance und der Stabilität.
PDA-Map aktualisiert.
Karte und Text in der Modübersicht_Norgeholm ab v7.0.pdf aktualisiert.
Bugfixes: DisplayOverview (F9), Goldtaler Hasenzucht und fliegende Bäume bei der Schafweide.

Credits: Pandahma


Norgeholm_2015_v.7.1_Entpacken (file size = 784 MB)


  1. palpwh1962 says:

    hi do not no if iam doing something wrong here, tried to get this map to open in my game , I got the appropriate mod in place, have download it four time , I just can not get it to run in my mod file. even bye it self, help would be most grateful.

    ps happy new year guys

    • George Mullin says:

      Ok so you took out all the mods you have correct? and used just the mods that are included in this mod map pack? If you are still having issues with getting the map to open in your game and you have taken out all mods and used just whats included here in this pack then you may have to uninstall then reinstall your game and see if that works(make sure you back up all your mods for the game if you dont want to lose them). Hope this helps you out.

      • George Mullin says:

        i can get it to load just fine on my end. im on a Macbook Pro. Had some issues with past versions of this map but its because i had a mod conflict. So glad i cleared that issue up lol.

  2. wa says:

    how do i bay objects can only bay fields?

    • George Mullin says:

      You need the mod called Map Buyable Objects(hence why this map has the MBO in the title), i believe its on the site called Mod Portal(as they are the ones that created that mod to my understanding). Once you have that MBO mod you will be good to go.

  3. richert says:

    die map ist absolut classe gemacht nur das einzigste was anstrengend ist ist das der download so derbe larm ist

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