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Norge Holm V 4.0 Multifruit SoilMod

Norge Holm V 4.0 Multifruit SoilMod

Multi Fruit Map with weed-Mod, Multi-fertilizer, fertilizer trade, porcine, bovine u. Broiler, green manure, SeedMaster, GülleMistKalk, manure storage, horse farm, EDEKA, composting, WaterMod, ChoppedStraw, Display Overview, Real Time, bale, Komposterde- , straw, grass / hay, mixed feed, silage u. Seed Vault, butchers, sheepfold, wool-shed etc.

Special emphasis was placed in the design of the map to ensure that all fields are maintained as in the original default Map. Thus, in Section 24 was only a small strip and about 1/3 away in box 25 for the space required by the fattening farms.

It has also been taken to ensure that the envisaged by Giants atmosphere of Scandinavian landscape is not entirely lost.

The fattening farms (pig and cattle fattening), a path leads through a small gorge which is crossed by a footbridge. Pigs and cattle can also be fed with the new fruit oats and rye in addition to sugar beet, potatoes, wheat barley, canola and corn, in addition now.

At the station, the tracks were extended and the tunnel added. An old road bridge from a discarded construction project of the Government of Norge Holm leads over the railway tracks to the new manure-crap-buying.

Cow and sheep pastures are now beside the granary, so not far from the farm.

At the old place of the cow pasture is a horse for the purchase of straw, grass / hay, oats and sugar beet. In the former sheep pasture an EDEKA market has emerged. Here pigs, cattle, slaughter chickens and potatoes can be sold.

The map has been prepared for the weed, BunkerSilosHud – GülleMistKalk-, the ChoppedStraw- and Greenfertilizer-Mod. For the weed, BunkerSilosHud-, GülleMistKalk- and ChoppedStraw mod only the appropriate zip file must be copied into the mod folder – Links are provided below to the mods in the Mod recommendations. The Greenfertilizer-Mod (green manure-Mod) is completely installed and requires no additional action.

Credits: Pandahma


Norgeholm_2015_v.4.0_entpacken (file size = 725 MB)


  1. George Mullin says:

    How do we unload the feed at the feed production facility? Rabbit Pellets, Fattening Feeds etc etc. do i need a certain modded trailer or? i have tried a few modded tippers i have but they arent working. Anyone help??

    • Farmer says:

      I have the same problem……
      I use the telehandler to fill the feed prod. facility, with grass, straw and silage, but the facility dosn’t seems to get filled

  2. George Mullin says:

    I guess no one knows?? Can anyone help me? do i need a certain mod or what?

  3. Will says:

    I dont see the fatten animals, or the rabbits?????

    • George Mullin says:

      They are in the shop to buy under animals. make sure your not in the mods section of the shop though. If your looking to see where they are actually placed in their pen, go over to where the fattened chickens, cows & the lettuce greenhouse are and you will see their pens. i think you can also get the young fattened animals there are over where the cow pasture used to be on the stock map called Bornjholm. i would say field 40 but that has been changed with this map. If you still cant find them, let me know and ill try to get a picture for you.

  4. will says:

    all I have in the shop are the standard animals

    • George Mullin says:

      Ok, you will need to go down to the other area and purchase the young fattening animals then. you will need a livestock trailer. i forget the exact location of where it is. but if you look down where the cow pasture was from the Bjornholm map. the young animals are for sale there. Wish i knew what field they were by in this version of Norgeholm but i cant remember. i will have to look and get back to you.

  5. will says:

    hey, thanks for your help by the way, Ill scout around and find it

  6. George Mullin says:

    Ok im having anther issue, once i get the Animal Feeds out of the Animal Feed Facility, and i put them in the storage area and when i try to go and unload them into my trailer, the start filling trigger is a little bit of a pain but anyway when i choose what feed i want, i hit start and then nothing happens, anyone know what im doing wrong? i cant get the feeds out of storage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • will says:

      the game locks up when I try to buy animals, I have tried sexeral different trailers and truck, locks up everytime

      • George Mullin says:

        Sounds to me like your having a mod conflict, the game will only lock up if there is a mod conflicting with something. you may have to delete the most recent mod you downloaded and then try to load the game again and see what happens. do the process of elimination. your bound to find out where your issue lies, more then likely its a mod conflict though.

  7. will says:

    several not sexeral

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