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Uploaded by RussianFarmer


* MOH 2.1: The best prices HUD also straw, grass, manure, slurry, mixed ration and all fattening animals now appear.
* Shelter built as an interim storage next to the charcoal factory.
* Bugs fixed in terms of multiplayer incl. Dedi server.
* Fixed bug when Carpenter

* Wood processing with new vertex wood factory and charcoal factory.
* Crown wood factory opposite the BGA installed 1 (as Map Buyable Object).
* Charcoal factory opposite the Schreinerei installed (as Map Buyable Object).
* PDA Map updated.
* Map and Text in the Modübersicht_Norgeholm 2016 from v1.0.pdf updated.

Credits: Pandahma


Norgeholm_2016_v.1.1_Entpacken (file size = 796 MB)


  1. milan says:

    map is empty!!!!!

    • George Mullin says:

      you have a mod conflict then, im running this map just fine and its not blank.try taking out all your mods(make sure you back them up) and then use only the mods that come with this map pack and then try loading your game and if the map isnt empty then you definately have a mod conflict. im on this map now as we speak.

      • Osvado says:

        Olá George Mullin!
        O meu map esta com as instalações de frango, porco e gado de engorda, todos cercados e não consigo comprar, e na loja só aparece os animais padrão do jogo.
        o que eu faço pra desbloquear as instalações?

        • George Mullin says:

          you need the mod called map buyable objects, you have to purchase these areas. once you have purchased them you will be able to buy the animals, only the standard in game animals you can buy, chickens, cows and sheep(all the others must be bought before you can start purchasing the fattening animals.

          • Milan says:

            Menu happens that when you buy the items and get out of the game, and again when I get asked to buy the same objects again, why. I have MapBuyableObject

  2. aler says:

    tiene error no se puede descargar se va cargando y se regresa gracais espero respuesta

  3. Osvado says:

    baixei o map e copiei todos os aquivos para minha pasta mods, e quando carrego o jogo as instalações de frango, porco, ganço, coelhos estão cercadas e não consigo compra as instalações no ícone dinheiro.
    E na loja só aprece os animais padrão do jogo
    Oque devo fazer?

  4. Osvado says:

    Olá George Mullin,
    Onde eu encontro o mod mapa objetos compráveis?
    eu gosto muito desse map.

    Obrigado pelo cometário.

    • George Mullin says:

      i got the map buyable objects mod from a website called mod portal(i would post a link in here for you but i dont know if its allowed) but if you search google and type in mod portal the website should pop up for you. make sure you get the latest version of it though to prevent any headaches. ive been playing on this map as well as 2 other English maps, i really like this map as well. cant wait to see if there are anymore updates to it. finny thing is everytime i make some good headway on it there is another version out for this map, lol. Anyways good luck and if you need anymore help just let me know.

  5. alex says:

    ola George Mullin. eu já comprei as instalações de frango e porco com o mod map buyable object. Mas não aparece os animais de engorda na loja. e no mercado de gado também não da para comprar animais de engorda

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