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Nordheide V 1.0

Nordheide V 1.0

The North Heath Map is our first map for LS15 that converts NOT, but has been completely refurbished.
The map requires Game v1.2 or higher!

Required Mods:

– MapBuyableObject Mod
– MultiMowing Mod
– Green manure Mod
– Forestry lease Mod
– ChoppedStraw Mod
– MapAmpel Mod (If the Map in, this is permitted!)
– Manure storage Modpack (trailer from the pack is needed!)

Recommended Mods:

– AutoCombine
– AutoTractor
– Fortuna AT Livestock trailer
– Water Milk Zunhammer v2.0.1

The placeable mixing station must NOT be in euerm “mods” folder.
This is to be used!
After downloading please unpack 1 times!


completely new building
24 Fields with over 18 hectares of arable land
Fields partly on and put together for yourself
some new buildings built especially for this map
optional, manual milk sales
standard fruits
Catch crops: alfalfa and clover *
Sawmill incl. All associated features
2 BGAs (In a place but separately operating bunker!) With 3-bed and a Freilandsilo (more than 1.6 million liters total capacity!)
Traffic light controlled inflow control (Thanks to Marhu for the script!)
3 feedlots (pig, cattle and horse incl. Animated animals!)
Ki transport (car / pedestrian incl. Animated trains and ships)
functioning traffic light system (only in SP!)
buyable objects
purchasable Maperweiterung
naturally shaped fields (due helper-friendly!)
manual mixing food storage
purchasable mixing station
Conveyor and storage for wood chips
pachtbare forests
Cow-Water-Mod installed incl. Hose connection for Marhus new WaterMilk Zunhammer!
digital and manual level indicators
MapPDATrigger Map showing at the court
all the trees precipitable
Port with main stores
Manure / dung sale
Slurry manure-lime Mod
Chopped Straw Mod
new textures for grain and timber train
Transport missions with new articles
manure storage
many splines so that the map can live! (Eggs, trees, etc.)

* Clover and alfalfa can either untergegrubbert (fertilizes the field!), Or
cut (shows normal Grasschwade!) are.
Requires green manure and MultiMower Mods!
The growth times for the intercrops are accelerated.

Credits: Chefkoch_LS2011


FSM_Nordheide_ENTPACKEN (file size = 484 MB)

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