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It seems today for you my first map which is Nikusiowo v1. Map is made in the style of modern Polish farms. On the map there are cows that can feed and ścielić in the barn. There are 5 fields and 24 fields prepared for sowing. Seeds and spraying, we can make up in the garage and our crops spill silo. It is also a silo for QQ.

And there is a plate on manure and septic tank. It is also a purchase of cereals. If there are any problems with the map please write in the comments. I probably will also hejty that the flat map or something like that. I wanted to try something hard to do his.

Credits: Witam


Nikusiowov1 (file size = 240 MB)


  1. dawid says:

    nice map

  2. liam says:

    map needs this thing done add semena,wasserturm to the map so we have water fill point and seed fill point and fix the sheep please. good map and i tryed using giants editor and had a hard time keep up the good work

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